What Are The Elements OF Good UX In 2018?

Posted by coregensolutionsllc on August 6th, 2018

UX is one of the most important components in the modern web design and the expectations of the users have been shifting continuously. Different brands of a designing company in Chicago try to improve UX and make it as better as they can.

We cannot say about future but the changes that have been made since the past few years clearly says that adjustment for the users has become very crucial now. In order to be ahead of all, the designers have to be creative all the time.

Best UX Elements That Represents The Future UX Designs

1. Simplified Journey

Most of the users get into a website with a specific purpose on their mind. They will ignore all the unnecessary stuff and try to get what they want as soon as possible.

A best website or application will try to simplify the journey of the user with some time-saving designs.

With the help of web design company in Chicago, one can present applicable information in an easy format. The key factors are like a linear design, progressive disclosure, anticipatory design etc.

2. Focusing On The Content

A website becomes more appealing to the users if it has a readily available and a properly organized content. The recent trends of the user interface is to focus on eliminating the unnecessary information and highlight the relevant information of the content.
The main strategy of the content should be precise visual order, operative de-cluttering, and a whitespace.

3. Improved Personalisation

Personalisation in UX basically means that making designs that saves the time of the user. It is necessary to know the importance of the personalization to the individually targeted UX from the generic experiences.

With the help of the advancement in the machines, it has become easy for the web development company in Chicago to adjust automatically for the specific users. The designers use methods like basing content on user location and specific user interface for better personalization.

4. Humanisation

As there are many technologies such as voice recognition and touch on most of the smartphones and other devices, so the users expect to interact with the digital devices in the way they would generally interact with the human.

This becomes more challenging for the designers as they have to create apps and designs that are of more human experience.

5. Biometric Authentication

The websites and the applications make the identity verification easier just by replacing them with some conventional means of entry. Since the biometric technology is becoming more available nowadays, it will recognize a person’s identity based on a specific characteristic.

This will help in creating an authentication process that is totally effortless. So, instead of having a particular password for different applications and websites, biometrics will be able to identify users with voice or facial recognition.

6. Video Content

The video content trend has been increasing day by day in order to create an optimal user experience. Designers can follow the following tips in order to increase the potential of the video
Adjusting Portrait Frame: As all the mobiles are used in portrait orientation almost all the times, so, the designers should adjust the video and the content according to this frame

HD Images And Videos: Providing a full-screen experience is not sufficient only. The image and the video quality are also equally important. The qualities of the video will have a huge influence on the users

7. Voice-Based Interaction

The hardware devices used by the people to access the web is getting streamlined day by day, so it is important for the UX to be streamlined too. All the latest digital devices like the laptops, smartphones or tablets are coming with the least buttons every day.

The progress has so advanced that it has caused the user interface to become unique through the voice user interface.

Having a good UX makes the website and the application more appealing one. With the advancement of technology, anything will be possible in the near future.

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