Pros and Cons Of Various Type Of Eyelash Extenders Every product in the world is

Posted by ulrch on August 7th, 2018

Pros and Cons Of Various Type Of Eyelash Extenders

Every product in the world is different and so is every person, and what might work on one of a woman's most beautiful features, may not work for others.(click here to buy mink lashes makes your face more shiny )


In fact several women have actually said that a mascara that has worked for them, and has looked excellent has failed to work on other women and has caused skin infections and allergies! Now taking the example of mascara itself, it is one of the easiest to use products and can simply be applied over the eyelash. The same comes in several shades and consistency's of different types and can last from between an hour to a day. Mascara's do not help you grow longer mink lashes but what they do is they make the existing eyelash appear thicker, longer and fuller. But then again, it is a product that has some chemical or the other and obviously has dyes and coloring agents, so the same does not suit all eye types and many a times causes allergies and infections.

Lash Extensions

While the users of mascara argue on the pros and cons of the same, another popular product to grow longer mink lashes artificially is the use of lash extensions. These, as the name states, are the natural mink lashes that are extended using artificial means. Artificial hair of the same shade is bonded using special semi-permanent chemicals and these look so real that an increased number of women are now looking at lash extensions to grow longer mink lashes rather than look at surgical ways. One added benefit of these lash extensions is that a different shade of hair can also be used on the natural eyelash as per the preference of the wearer, but then again these lashes have to be bonded to the real mink lashes so this does mean that if the real mink lashes are weak and / or brittle, lash extensions are out of the list of options to grow longer mink lashes. The chemicals in these extensions can also cause severe reactions.(If you want check different style of 3d mink lashes, you would be click the web : [axstn])

False mink lashes

Yet another alternative to all these methods is using fake mink lashes. Fake mink lashes are basically entire mink lashes that are artificially made and are easily available in the market. These mink lashes are of different types and colors and can easily be stuck on to the real mink lashes using a temporary adhesive. These are also the most frequently used product if someone wants to go out for an evening or has to go for a party and has no time for other alternatives. These fake lashes can also be reused again and again. It must be remembered that the fake mink lashes have to be removed at the end of the day and cannot be worn to bed. The worst part of these products is that, due to heat and humidity the temporary adhesive can give away leaving a lady in a most embarrassing situation.

Natural Eyelash Enhancers

Last but not the least, aside from surgery, there is extensive research going on for natural eyelash enhancers, which are supposedly safer to use, (If you want check different style of 3d mink lashes, you would be click the web : to grow longer mink lashes naturally and are known to cause much less skin infections or allergies.

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