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Which Shipping Material is Best for Your Boston Round Bottles

Posted by wolfgang on August 7th, 2018

One of the great worries regarding buying Boston round glass bottles wholesale is if you have to transport them over a long distance. Whether you do it or have it shipped, there is a risk that the trip will be lethal to a number of glasses, if something goes wrong. There are ways, however, you can make sure your bottles get to their destination in one piece; here are some suggestions.

Over Pack

After purchasing your Boston round glass bottles wholesale, place the original packaging into a larger carton box and fill the gap space with packing material, such as foam peanuts, newspaper or air pillows. The packing material acts as a cushion and the larger box provides protection against collisions. If you have more than one carton box to transport, one idea is to tape them together with packing tape. That creates a “unified” item that is surprisingly strong.


The foam peanuts, which can be made of biodegradable materials, are very common packing materials, mainly because they are inexpensive and require no specialized equipment to make. You can purchase them at most office supply stores in bulk. Place a layer of peanuts on the bottom of the box and then place the packaging containing the Black Boston round glass bottles, centered. Fill the surrounding voids with peanuts. Shake the overpack box lightly to prompt the peanuts to fill empty space. Add more peanuts to replace ones that settled. It is very important that all voids be filled as if there is any “airspace,” a package can be jostled and damaged. You also need to make sure that you peanut size is appropriate for your package size; a very heavy package can crush the peanuts and reduce their effectiveness.

Air Pillows

An Air pillow system comes in two pieces, airbags and an air pump. The packing method is similar to that with peanuts. One benefit of air pillows is that there is less waste as opposed to Styrofoam. A downside is that getting a snug fit can be problematic. There is also the risk of the pillows being punctured or popping if exposed to a severe collision. The cost of air pillows can also be prohibitive, mainly because it requires the purchase of an air pump.

Expandable Foam

This is the most effective packaging system and as would be expected, the most expensive. The foam comes liquified and when activated in a special bag, takes on any shape necessary. It expands up to 280 times the original size and envelopes whatever it is you are shipping. The fact the final shape is moldable, makes it ideal for shipping glassware of any sort. The cost is the only downside.

When you buy your Boston round glass bottles wholesale, the last thing you want to have happened is that some of them break during transit. To that end, there are several shipping options that can ensure a safe trip.

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