Few Reasons Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled On Your Website?

Posted by Aarav Infotech on August 7th, 2018

Few Reasons Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled On Your Website?

HTTPS or hypertext transfer protocol is a very great way using which users can encrypt information between a web server and a browser. This protects the users of the websites from middlemen who try to steal information that is being sent to the website like login information or credit card info.

HTTPS connections have always been generally used for websites that have some sensitive information, but nowadays other sites are also switching to HTTPS lately. It is a very easy way to implement secure connections.

What are SSL certificates?

An SSL certificate can be defined as some data files that can be added to the server by the user to achieve an encrypted and secure connection between the server and browser. When it is installed, the users will be able to see a green padlock when they visit the website. It indicates that the site is secure. When HTTP is added with SSL, it becomes HTTPS.

Reasons to enable HTTPS

There are various reasons to enable HTTPS on the website, and it can be very beneficial in various ways.

  • It provides a reliable status for users –

Almost everyone in the world now uses the internet today, and the common demand of everyone is safe surfing and browsing as it includes their accountability and information. For some years most of the eavesdropping and hacking incidents were mainly done online. So HTTPS was introduced which indicates that the website is a high quality and secure website.

  • It protects the integrity of a website –

HTTPS is an excellent way of protecting a website from faulty communications and intruders between a website server and the browsers of the users. Encryption helps in securing house information, private data of users and client information as well as ensures that the cybercriminals are not able to interrupt the data. It helps to present the online business or website as a legitimate and secure website.

Some third-party institutions do hacking by injecting harmful and malicious ads by breaking the security of the website as well as the browser in the form of images, cookies, and scripts, etc. These can occur from any internet connection. HTTPS protects the website as well as the browsers from these intrusions and also increases a website’s integrity.

  • It is excellent for search and SEO rankings –

It is also now officially declared by Google that the websites have HTTPS/SSL enable are going to get more priority over the websites that don’t have HTTPS. For example, there are two websites with almost the same parameters then the website that has HTTPS enabled will be preferred over the other site by Google while analyzing analytics and rendering SEO. This ultimately will provide excellent rankings in Google search results for the website, and the business will also grow.

  • HTTPS not secure anymore by Google –

It is very important to get HTTPS enabled on a website for fixing the perceptible safe and secure encryption to external and internal information. Previously people were scared to give credit card information and other personal information online as countless phishing, and false activities took place on various websites.

So now Google is encouraging to switch to HTTPS and Chrome is now warning users that HTTP is not secure. HTTPS is much needed to run an attentive and tenable secured website. Google is also encouraging other store owners to enable HTTPS for a secure connection. Google may call out websites or companies that are not enabling HTTPS and are ignoring the safety of sensitive information of customers.

  • It is also essential for mobile sites that are Google accelerated –

AMP or accelerated mobile pages technology helps in making pages load fast and instantaneously on mobile phone browsers. Google is also now indexing mobile pages as the majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices now. So Google may decide search results also considering mobile websites.

Also, load speed is also important for rankings, so websites that are AMP enabled are more likely to rank better than non-AMP sites. But for fast page load AMP also needs HTTPS. Future benefits rely on HTTPS. So it is important to buy SSL certificate to encrypt the mobile webpage traffic.

  • It helps to get correct referrer data –

HTTPS is developed for a secure environment on the internet. When pages that are unencrypted come as traffic from SSL encrypted sites, the analytics render them as direct traffic and no referrer. Due to this, all referrer data is lost. So to avoid this, the websites should have SSL certificates.

HTTPS/SSL certificate is very important for a website. It not only protects the website but also the users’ valuable information. Having a good SSL certificate can be very beneficial in the growth of the company or the website.

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