What are Sleeping Pills and How Do They Work?

Posted by Archie George on August 7th, 2018

Strong sleeping pills are designed to affect the brain in such a way that it produces the feeling of drowsiness. While the best sleeping pills are specifically designed as a sleeping aid, other products with different purposes are used to treat unhealthy sleeping habits due to their sedative qualities.

The best sleeping pills are classified as “sedative-hypnotics”, a specific class of medication designed to induce and/or maintain sleep. The most common sedative-hypnotics are benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

What are the Common Side Effects of Strong Sleeping Pills?

Benzodiazepines are designed to induce drowsiness. This specific quality is why benzodiazepines are considered some of the best sleeping pills when treating insomnia.

It should be taken into account that strong sleeping pills that are classified as benzodiazepines are potentially addictive and have been known to cause problems with cognitive ability such as memory and attention span. As a result, benzodiazepines are usually used as a short-term solution for insomnia and are not recommended for long-term usage.

Barbiturates are also considered one of the best sleeping pills when treating insomnia. Products which fall under this sedative-hypnotic class are designed to depress the central nervous system and calm the body.

If a dosage period is missed, one cannot compensate by doubling the dosage requirement. It is imperative that the medication is taken directly before bedtime and to ensure that you have 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

If the dosage requirements are not met, the medication may cause a number of side effects. These side effects include:

- Daytime drowsiness
- Headaches
- Digestive complications

There is a possibility that one may be allergic to strong sleeping pills, which is usually as a result of an allergy to the active ingredients found in the medication. The side effects which indicate an allergic reaction to strong sleeping pills include:

- Blurred vision
- Chest pain
- Difficulty breathing or swallowing
- Rashes and skin irritation

If any of the above side effects are noticed throughout the course of the treatment, contact your doctor immediately.

The Best Sleeping Pills for Treating Insomnia and Sleeping Problems

Below is a list of the most effective sleeping pills available. Note that these are the generic names of sleep medication, they are not brands, but rather the active ingredients found in strong sleeping pills:

- Zaleplon
- Zolpidem
- Eszopiclone
- Triazolam
- Temazepam
- Estazolam
- Ramelteon
- Suvorexant

Online Availability of the Best Sleeping Pills to Treat Insomnia

You can order strong sleeping pills from our reputable online pharmacy without a prescription. If bought in bulk, the price is reduced, making it a more cost-effective option. If ordered from the UK, your purchase will be delivered swiftly and discreetly within 2-4 days. If ordered from the EU, the delivery will arrive within 5-7 days. Insomnia can have a serious impact on one’s quality of life, however it is easily manageable with the assistance of sleeping pills.

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