Chances Of Implementation Of Online Voting In Upcoming Elections

Posted by Right2Vote on August 7th, 2018

It is considered near about impossible that online voting is implemented in upcoming elections of 2019. People consider that in such a large democracy bringing any sudden change in the process is not possible. Implementing this process will take years or decades but it might look viable but when banning all the higher denomination notes overnight was possible then why online voting can’t be implemented. Mobile app for voting process must be implemented so that in the next election voter turnout increases and only the genuine leader who is eligible to rule the country wins it.

Why online voting is needed?

If such a change was brought a decade ago then that would be something impossible as there are many people who were not even aware of mobile phones, leave internet access. Today, people not only have mobile phones but they are accessing internet on their phones. Yes, it is true that still there are many who might not have such access but any alternative option should be found for that. Hence, if Government wants then online voting system could be easily applied in the next election.

Here are some of the reasons which shows how online voting is not an option but a necessity for India:

• If online process is used, then that would automatically increase the voter turnout. It would become easier for citizens to vote so more and more people will become part of the process as a result only the deserving party will win.
• Citizen or students who are living away from their hometown will benefit from this process as through mobile app they can cast their vote irrespective of their location.
• When mobile app for voting is designed and brought in light then chances of corruption or malpractices also decreases. It is comparatively safe and secure medium and if proper designing is done then it will be even difficult for the hackers to hack.
• When people can rely on online banking system, then why they can’t rely on online system for voting. Government has launched initiatives like digital India which is encouraging people to use the technology. This is very vital step towards bringing digitalization in India.

Therefore, a proper mobile app for voting must be launched which must have security like that of online banking. It will have a secure username and password for every citizen and they can access it only after registering themselves by uploading valid identity details. This must be done as soon as possible so that it could be implemented in the upcoming 2019 elections.


Government must look over the necessity of implementing mobile app for voting. It is only possible when people come together and demand for same. It is necessity of 2019 elections as only if online voting is implemented the right candidate will win the election. Only a powerful and genuine government can ensure progress and development of county. When whole nation votes together then only that is possible.

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