How Is Living With Spinal Stenosis?

Posted by RitaHPeterson on August 7th, 2018

Spinal stenosis is the pain that creeps in your neck and shoots a burning sensation that causes local as well as radical symptoms. It can travel to extremities and the severity may vary. The patients that are diagnosed with spinal stenosis experience muscle weakness and numbness that may affect their ability to walk.

Chronic spinal stenosis affects every aspect of your life. It is the kind of pain that slowly wears a person down. Every time you try to break through the pain by standing or walking, it costs you another two or three more days with even more pain. For the good part of it, now there are effective and safe treatments that are emerging to cure the cause of the pain from spinal stenosis without any surgery and medication.

Spinal Stenosis Stretches
Spinal stenosis puts pressure on your spinal cord. It is the narrowing of the open spaces within the spine. It occurs in the neck and lower back. It is mostly caused by wear and tear or due to an old injury. To fix this, the stenosis must be revered. This is done by opening the spaced within the spine. When the spaces are widened again to stop the narrowing, the pain is reduced and sometimes even eliminated. This particular back pain can be treated by chiropractic care. Other treatments like medications and injections may not be as effective as they do not correct the fundamental issues.

In chiropractic care, several therapies are combined together to to produce one long lasting result. The treatment procedures are not as simple. They include science-based techniques and algorithms.

The types of spinal stenosis-

Cervical stenosis: The narrowing of the spaces occur in the neck part of the spine.

Lumbar stenosis: The narrowing of the spaces occur in the lower back part of the spine.

Symptoms of spinal stenosis:

Spinal stenosis finds its evidence on MRI or CT scan but there are people who do not show any symptom of it. When it occurs, they start worsening over time. The symptoms of it vary depending on which location it occurs or which nerves are affected.

In the neck the symptoms are such that it causes-

  • Numbness and tingling
  • Weakness in the arm, foot or hand
  • Walking disbalance
  • Pain in the neck
  • Bladder problems like urinary urgency

The symptoms in the lower back-

  • Weakness in the leg or foot
  • Cramps in the leg when one stands for a long period of time or while walking.
  • Back pain.

Causes of Spinal Stenosis:

The backbone extends from the neck to the lower back. The bones of the spine form a spinal canal and this protects the spinal cord. While only a minority of the people are born with a small spinal canal, most of the spinal stenosis occur when something happens to narrow the space within the spine. The various causes are-

Bone overgrowth- Bone spurs are formed by the damage due to wear and tear from osteoarthritis. This can grow in the spinal canal. Another disease that mostly affects adults, known as Paget’s disease causes bone overgrowth in the spine.

Spinal injuries: Spinal stenosis can also be caused due to an accident or any other trauma that might have caused dislocations of one or more vertebrae.

Thickened ligaments: The bones that hold the bones of the spine together can become stiff gradually. These ligaments can also bulge into spinal canal.

The risk factors of spinal stenosis-

This diseases is mostly seen in people above the age of 50. But this is not a prerequisite at all. Many young people are also seen to have spinal stenosis. Degenerative changes is one of the main reasons why this might happen. This includes trauma or any other genetic disease that affects the development of the bones and muscles in the body.

The solution: Visiting a chiropractor can substantially provide you relief from spinal stenosis. Keep in touch with a chiropractor who can monitor your ailment and trace the discomfort of your spinal canal. The chiropractor can recommend treatments with displaced vertebrae, tight muscles and the pressure on compressed nerves.

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