Posted by chawlakalpna on August 7th, 2018

B.tech Aeronautical Engineering in some of the best aeronautical colleges in punjab mentions in its course curriculum a very important principle, which is propulsion. To be air borne consumes energy which is supplied by a thorough mechanism of propulsion built within the system. The need of the hour is to make it lightweight yet immensely powerful. With the advent of jet propulsion and rocket engines we have come a long way in our journey of flight that are now supersonic. Studying B.tech Aeronautical Engineering Course one can be sure to go into the history of flight and learn from the failures that each technology had - whether it was using paddles, hot air engines or combustion engines of 1960's. While studying B.tech Aeronautical Engineering in the best aeronautical engineering college in punjab, one comes across an important component called the propeller. The wings of the airplane and the propeller have a great similarity, both being made up of airfoil sections that are capable of generating aerodynamic force providing enough life so that the plane or rocket can sustain itself in the air. While the wing primarily does this, the term referred to as wing force.  The propeller play another crucial role - to provide the requisite driving force that can move or push the airplane through the air. The power delivered by shaft to propeller also in some proportion is lost due to several reason. B.tech Aeronautical Engineering at Desh Bhagat University, best university in punjab the course curriculum points out the reasons in detail. While a plane is flying through still air, the slipstream generated provides kinetic energy to the air which is a result of the power delivered from the shaft to the propeller, to a scenario where otherside the air was still. Other factors that cause energy loss, a student of aeronautical engineering can tell easily are skin friction and pressure drag on the propeller. Then comes another factor - compressibility loss. The common reasons affect propeller efficiency to a figure always less than unity. In B.tech Aeronautical Engineering at Desh Bhagat aeronautical engineering college in punjab students have the option to study it in the form of a polytechnic M.Tech, Diploma or an integrated B.Tech  aeronautical engineering program as well.

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