Understanding Driving Under the Influence Charges

Posted by carlosgonzalez on August 7th, 2018

Facing driving under the Influence or DUI charges can be a trying period. In such situations, it is best to get legal help from a criminal lawyer. Carlos Gonzalez, a criminal lawyer  Miami, is the man for this job. Here is a breakdown of what drunk driving entails.

Drunk Driving or Driving Under the Influence

An individual behind the wheel with an alcohol Blood Alcohol Count, BAC, of 0.08 percent or higher, is considered to be driving under the influence. 0.08 percent is the federal standard of all BAC tests. The BAC tests can be administered in either of three ways; a blood test, a urine test, or a breath test, which is the most common. The arresting officer may conduct these tests, or it may be a case of a court-mandated test.

Litigation of DUI Charges

Drunk driving may be prosecuted in two ways. The action may be tried in a civil court or as a criminal case.  Victims of a drunk driving accident file civil suits. Civil suits can only be instituted if there was an accident as a result of the drunk driver’s actions or inactions. Such cases end in compensatory damages paid to the victims.

Criminal proceedings, on the other hand, are brought against a drunk driver by the government. In most situations, these cases act as safeguards or deterrents against drunk driving. Any individual facing criminal charges risks fine, possible jail time, or a revoked license if convicted. Criminal cases may be instituted against the drunk driver whether or not there was an accident.

Reasons why a Criminal Lawyer is Important

The legal matters in drunk driving cases are delicate and often have high stakes. If convicted, the penalties faced are steep and result to drunk driving charges going into your records. This is detrimental to your future. With his experience handling drunk driving cases, Carlos Gonzalez lawyer, will defend your case to help avoid these penalties.

Drunk driving lawyers have a vast knowledge of the laws in place in Driving under the influence matters. Every case has its own merits and is tried differently. As such, it may be lost to you of how best to defend DUI charges. This is why seeking good legal counsel is sound advice.

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