The Benefits of Using Male External Catheters

Posted by eliteinternet on August 8th, 2018

Virtually any man can feel shy with urinary incontinence. A condom catheter is exclusively fashioned to get rid of worrying about this medical condition. For males who suffer from incontinence, there are products that are designed to help them manage this problem. 

Why External Catheters? 

Top rated male external catheters are much easier to apply and change then some of the most common devices and products including disposable briefs and liners, leg luggage, or internal catheters. 

The best male catheters for urinary incontinence are removed regularly for cleaning the skin area and changing the device. Studies demonstrate that exterior catheters are much less dangerous than the types that are inserted in to the urinary either intermittently or on a long term basis. For almost every man able to wear them, a Hollister catheter can be a safer urine collection system than internal catheters. 

What Products are Available on the Market? 

Catheters are a different sort of male incontinence product, and are best used as a non-permanent comfort measure, for example after a surgical operation. They can also be used, in most cases, as long lasting solutions. Catheters can be linked to a valve that allows the normal and frequent draining of the catheter into a vessel, or they can be linked to a bag that is attached to the person and into which the urine is drained. 

Or there are the regular catheters which are inserted into the urethra for collection. There are intermittent catheters that are inserted only when urine collection needs to be done, this type will not be suitable for prevention of incontinence. There is also the indwelling type in which the catheter stays in the urethra and it is substituted as necessary to prevent infection. These catheters are most often seen in the hospital setting.

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