Finding Best Technology Stack for Your Mobile Application

Posted by BrainMobi on August 9th, 2018

Got an amazing idea for your app. Figured out all the necessary features you want to integrate and ready to execute but wait have you finalized tech stacks for your app.

What tech Stack is –Here are few things which fall under the category of technology stacks.

Tech stack is a group of components which can be divided into four parts

Frontend Development- Interface which is visible to users and interacts

Backend Development-Backend process is where user input is processed and converted into output.

Development Platform- Combination of interfaces and libraries to develop an app

Additional Requirements- App performance and other security needs

In other words, we can say these four elements combined make the soul and body of an app.

Now the question arises how to find the best technology stack for your mobile application and why it is important

App type-A lot of factors depends that what sort of application you want as technology stacks are also designed to suit specific kind of apps.

App features-One can go high loading or speed it all depends on the features you want to integrate into the app. Speed, heavy loading.

Security issues-One of the most important factor which determines that what technology stacks would suit you is security. For instance Development of e-wallet app requires more security than a travel app. Here technology stacks plays an important role.

UI/UX Design- User interface can view and experienced differently each platform as each platform brings specific properties to development.

So these are some important features which determine that what tech stacks you need for your app.

Let’s discuss some of the options we get for each category-

For front-end development

Native apps-Native apps are designed to run on the particular system.

Hybrid apps-are the mobile version of the web application.

Progressive apps-Progressive apps instead are based on HTML5 based development which brings a native feel into development.

Backend development

Performance of an app majorly depends on its backend development.

Angular. JS

Mongo DB


Platform-Platform is one of the most important parts. The platform should be chosen according to the target audience.




Conclusion-Choosing the best tech stacks starts by choosing the best app development company in Noida. Moreover, an agile development firm understands the business needs and puts the best foot forward to develop your app by choosing

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