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Posted by smrtsmith on August 10th, 2018

Now that we've outlined our test bench, let's peer in the graphics options Fortnite permits you to tinker with. For PC gaming veterans, the graphics settings menu should not be surprising. However, with Fortnite Skins exploding popularity and free-to-play model, you can find sure for being some players wondering what a few of these terms mean and just how it affects the overall game.
Resolution will be the first thing to deal with, and now we recommend with your monitor's native resolution. Throughout our tests, we used 1920x1080 (aka 1080p) at Fullscreen while using framerate set to Unlimited, although you may lock it for a monitor's refresh rate. 3D Resolution is largely resolution scale. This lets you effectively chance a lower in-game resolution while not having to force your laptop to change Fortnite Items by reviewing the native res. It's really exclusively for very low-end systems, therefore you will definitely desire to keep this at 100%, otherwise the overall game will look blurry.
View Distance dictates the point where minor objects are rendered. Since the bingo revolves around a large-scale battlefield, it's best to save this as high as possible. We're capable of run the Epic setting, however it doesn't impact performance or visual quality much. You're still able to view structures, buildings, and enemies off from the distance even at lower quality.

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