Best Charity Organizations in India: Spreading Happiness among Poor People

Posted by Debabrata Auro Foundation on August 10th, 2018

Charity organizations play an important role in every society whether it a local nonprofit or international organization. However, charity organizations are organizations that were founded for the individual end of executing functions associating to the welfare of societies. The charitable activities provide a donation to the human, financial and political sector of a country. There are different types of charitable organizations that are classified into several groups and have their own importance. However these all groups perform individual activities in society.

The classified groups are given below.

  • Medical Charity organizations
  • Social service groups
  • Religious groups
  • Educational groups and many more.

Mission, Goals, and Objectives of Charitable Organizations

However, every groups or organization need to make a strategic plan for working to get success. The strategic plan is just like a roadmap that describes mission, goals, and objectives of organizations. The strategic plan of nonprofit or charitable organizations is mostly developed cooperatively by a partnership group that involves society leaders, company members, agents and so on.

Mission of Charitable organizations

The mission statement of charity should be specific and the aim should be properly defined. Generally, charity organizations have a mission to reduce domestic violence and spread happiness among poor people and children.

Goals of Charitable organizations

Charitable groups set their goal according to the mission statement. Mostly they set a goal regarding activities that should be developed and how funds should be awarded for different activities to achieve their goal and complete their mission.

Objectives of Charitable Organizations

However, these groups create their objectives according to their goals. The team members regularly assess whether a charity is fulfilling funds for engaging aim and goals of a company. They also compare results with a mission statement and examine them for further use of funds to achieve aims of the charity.

How charity organizations spread happiness among poor people?

  • Charity organizations help to improve various factors like living standard, education and much more of poor people. However, India is still illiterate and under developing country. Therefore mostly charitable organizations focus on education factor.
  • Mostly factors like unemployment, death rate, birth rate, population rate and so on are totally dependent on education. Therefore if charitable organizations provide free education, books to poor people will result in spreading happiness among poor people.
  • However festivals like Diwali, Holi are important occasions for Indian people. Therefore charitable groups can provide new clothes, sweet dishes and other things to make them happy.

Best Charity organizations of India

There are many Non-Government Organizations are working in India with an aim to increase economy and development of Nation from last few years. Therefore let us discuss some of best charity organizations in India

Debabrata-Auro Foundation

This organization was found in November 2016 in memory of late Dr.Debabrata Shome. They have the aim to help poor people in a field of education, curing disease and many more.

Smile Foundation

It was established in 2002 that helps to promote the cause of education among poor and needy children.

However, if any individual has financial resources or some time to donate to the working of charity organizations will not provide happiness to only needy people but also give you comfort and fruit in life.

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Debabrata Auro Foundation is one of the best NGO in India, from last few years they are the most trusted charitable trust situated in Mumbai. For more details about the foundation or donation process visit - or call +91 9930922314.

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