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Posted by ESO2017123 on August 10th, 2018

As we all know, the second Elite Dungeon: Dragonkin Lab will be coming on Aug 13, next Monday.So Rush to get Rs3gold 8% discount rs gold for second Elite Dungeon.And today we will share more details before its final release, like the new item RuneScape Dragonfire ash.

More information about Dragonkin Laboratory revealed
From the latest Month Ahead stream, we have learn a lot more information about Dragonkin laboratory, here are the main details:

1. There will be a new item Dragonfire ash added.
2. The achievements will be added to 39 from previous 17.
3. There will be a way to reduce the cooldown on Berserk using certain ability combos.
4. You will love Astalan, once you have learned his mechanics, which will hit you like a freight-train.
5. There will be a new T90 boot attachment, although we still have no idea what one it is. And we have to wait and see until its release.
6. You will earn an exceptionally rare chance to get lucky dragonkin coin, which can be activated with 99 Summoning to unlock the Diddykin pet.
7. Thanks to the delay of Dragonkin Lab release, the RS team can certainly fine tune the boss encounters, and add the additional rewards that they wanted originally.
8. There will probably some variations on Relics. And the Relics from both Aminishi and Dragonkin Laboratory will disassemble into solely rare components with Ancient, Fortunate, and Refined excluded.

All in all, let's wait for a gauntlet of dragons, punctuated with boss battles against Astellarn, a three-headed black dragon, and a secret third boss after the release of Elite Dungeon II.

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