8 Must Know Google ranking factors in 2018

Posted by Nikhil Soni on August 11th, 2018

 In any case you can boost your SEO and emphasis on the changing scenarios and newest facts that will used by best SEO Company in pune to get advantages on Google results. Here is a list of factors that are based on the research by SearchMetrics, Backlinko and SEO Power Suite


Do you know that using backlinks from High PR sites plays an important role in determining ranking by SEO and aged domains benefits in improving SEO rank report? There are several fact that you must know about backlinks.

  1. Link score

Link score is calculated by quality and the number of links to website. So even though the number of links matters in SEO, remember that it is harmful to have spammy and low quality links.

One should keep in mind that, Google will only one link for number of links from same domain. So in terms of quantity, the number of linking domains is a crucial factor in Google algorithm. Backlinks from High PR, high page authority sites have more chances to boost search engine ranking,

  1. Anchor text relevance

One of the most significant features of a backlink is anchor text. Backlinks of anchor texts acts as a relevancy signal. Anchor Text generally helps Google to increase general understanding about the page. Of course, you’ve to keep in mind about Penguin  update and keep your anchors different and ordinary;

How to optimize:


Analyzing your competitor score is best way to understand the links score to with you are competing and how much efforts it will take to reach that level.

There are several tools with domain comparison module are available for example SEO SpyGlass,   so we can add our top competitors one by one  for comparing every aspect of linked profile


 Why quality content is important? What are the main points that Google consider in quality content?  Lets have look towards these three points that makes difference.

  1. Keyword usage

Keeping the keywords in the title is factor around the fundamentals of SEO, if you are looking to increase your SEO ranking. This can be a strong SEO ranking factor to boost ranking and including keywords in Headings, Meta tags, Content will help to increase search relevancy

  1. Length

In Google’s search quality guidelines. It is mentioned that amount of page content is necessary for better relevancy and enables Google to recognize the content better

  1. Comprehensiveness

According to RankBrain Google algorithm, content comprehensiveness is also important factor for SEO because Comprehensiveness allows you to provide real value to your target audience

How to optimize:

WebSite Auditor is the tool that allows you check pages against several on-page factors, containing keyword usage and content length.  This tool analyzes the content comprehensiveness and provide you suggestions based on your topmost competitors.

Technical SEO

  1. Page speed

Your site’s loading speed also affects SEO ranking, Google gives high priority to high speed websites. The common reason for slow speed are uncompressed properties: scripts, images and CSS files.

  1.   Mobile-friendliness

80% of Google queries comes from mobile devices and that is why Google gives more preferences to Mobile optimized websites while ranking

How to optimize:

Use Google webmaster tool, to check site speed or Mobile friendliness, analyze the details and recommendations.

User experience

  1. Click-through rate

CTR is important factor for your SEO, It is measured by dividing the number of times a link appears on a search engine results page by the number of times it is actually clicked

According to SearchMetrics’ study, it is found that CTR has the maximum connection with rankings out of all elements surveyed.

How to optimize:

Check current SERP CTR in Google Search Console’ s Search Analytic report.  If some CTRs are truly below the averages, then this is the section to put your focus on.

The above listed Google’s SEO ranking factors are really effective, these factors are helpful for any SEO company to promote their business online efficiently

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