Points should consider while buying a bedside

Posted by Jasonmark on August 13th, 2018

La Maison Chic offers an assortment of high-quality bedsides aimed at meeting the need of a variety of customers. For a good interior, the bedside is just as important as the bed itself. The right bedside is crucial for a synergistic interior design. Besides, bedsides serve as a crucial storage solution for the bedroom. Our collection comprises of a range of different bedsides in different sizes, colors and designs to go with any bedroom theme.

Bedsides are primarily regarded as a functional piece of furniture, but their contribution to the overall aesthetic of a bedroom cannot be disregarded. We believe that bedsides are both utilitarian and aesthetic pieces. Therefore, we do our best to merge style with functionality. The storage is easy to access and very practical, and the finesse of our handiwork makes these bedsides look mesmerizing and feel luxurious. They are the perfect accessory to your dream bed.

Types of Bedsides

Our collection focuses on classic bedside designs and themes. Whether you are looking for a French bedside, rococo bedsides, Venetian bedside, ornate bedsides, mirrored bedside, industrial bedsides or traditional bedside tables, embossed bedsides, French white bedside chest or any other design, we can provide you with a collection to match your expectations.

If aesthetics are your primary concern and you are looking for a classic and elegant theme, then a French style bedside, rococo bedside, Venetian bedside, Chateau bedsides or Louis bedsides would be the right choice for you. Alternately, if you are looking for an optimized solution for compact spaces, then go for mirrored bedsides which brighten up the room by reflecting light. Space savvy furniture can work wonders for small bedrooms.

Factors you should consider while buying a bedside

These are some important factors which should affect your choice of a bedside. You should consider all of these to make the right decision.


Choosing the right height is very crucial. You should consider the height of your bed before buying or ordering a bedside. The bedside should be easily accessible from the bed. Apart from that, classical bedsides tend to be taller than contemporary designs.


If you want to make the most of your bedside, you should place it in a well-lit area of the room. This way, you can use it to keep your books and other stuff.


The table lamp should be easily accessible from the bed. At night if you need to turn on the light, the placement should be such that you do not have to fluster about to look for the switch.The light switch should be easily accessible for you.

Glass Top

Glass top bedsides make life a bit easier for the owner. The reason is that they are easier to clean, and spillage does not ruin the coat of paint on your furniture. So, if the bedside comes with a glass top, that is a bonus feature.

Though shopping for furniture online does not offer you nearly as much as a store. However, with a few tips, you can really enhance your experience. Follow these tips to purchase the right furniture for your bedroom.

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