External insulation, what is the most efficient?

Posted by JohnnyBaker on August 13th, 2018

When we talk about exterior insulation, we inevitably evoke the external thermal insulation. More commonly called ITE. To insulate your house by the outside rhymes with the gain of habitable surface but also with aestheticism because the facade embellishes at the same time as it isolates you. Be aware that the price of exterior insulation is much higher than indoor insulation. Before choosing cool insulation removal vacuums insulation, it is important to make sure of its performance. It is from the lambda that the thermal resistance R of the insulation will be determined according to its thickness.

Cellulose wadding: knowing everything

Do not want to lose money with a heater that heat in a vacuum during the whole winter season? Know that just as powerful as it is, if it is not coupled with optimal insulation, 1/4 of the heat developed is useless, even if you pay for it and at a high price. If you try to warm up the rooms, but no matter what happen, the heat does not stay and the feeling of cold and wetness continues, attacking a renovation site of the insulation can remedy it. CoolVac electric insulation removal vacuums   are the perfect solution for your situation.Insulating the house with glass wool, cellulose wadding or rock wool is classic, but how about insulating your home, your house with paint insulator? There are paint insulators, which can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Characteristics of the exterior and interior insulation paint

Available for indoor and outdoor housing, thermal insulation paint allows, with an average thickness of 250 microns to gain comfort. In fact, these ceramic insulation paints do not have the function of isolating in the true sense of the word, but of reflecting the heat or preventing the cold from entering the house. If you need the best product in the market, the insulation removal vacuums for salewith the best features. The insulating paint is an acrylic paint composed of water and 4 types of ceramic. Each of the ceramics with different optical properties, elastomer acrylates, standard acrylates and resin additives, thermally insulating paints avoid cold wall effects that can be found on walls exposed to the north or subject to problems humidity.


They combine an insulating power with a reflective power. These two powers make it possible to achieve an insulation capacity equivalent to 12 cm of polyurethane and 10 to 20 cm of mineral wool. Insulation removal vacuum bags   play the main role in order to make the process hazard free. Having well insulated eaves is important to avoid heat loss. However, it is not necessary to change your insulation every 5 years. Indeed, depending on the insulation, the installation but also the good condition of your roof, it is not necessary to renew everything.

About us:- As a general rule, it is advisable to change the insulation of its attics as soon as it is damaged or as soon as it loses its thickness for older ones. An insulator such as glass wool loses its thickness over time.

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