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Best university in Punjab is a title that doesn't befit every educational institution. Academics being highly competitive in nature has given birth to many educational institutes, colleges and learning centers that claim to be nothing less than the best university in Punjab or the best college in Punjab, Chandigarh. Countless consultancy websites online are also in the race to showcase the best university in Punjab list and numbering the top 10 best Colleges in Punjab. When searching for a degree course one can often get confused as to which college or university to study in?

University strategy works best if it is a simple list of key priorities and not an operations manual. Marketing experts may advise us that we need elaborate brochures, but the effect of these on the internal community is questionable. Something glossy may be useful for fundraising purposes, however.

If raising or maintaining research quality is part of the strategy, hire the best scholars you can and put them in positions of power - pro vice-chancellor for research, dean or head of department.

For student moving to Punjab or Chandigarh from other states when searching for courses often land up with the familiar phrase, best university in Punjab. So how can one decide. Most important is Government Recognition - Is the college claiming to be the best university in Punjab or the best College in Punjab or even for that matter the best university in Punjab, UGC Affiliated.

Affiliation - One can get easily fooled by seeing beautiful buildings and campuses that the college might just be the best placement college in Punjab. However, it is important to note that good buildings do not guarantee quality of education given to the students. Make sure that you check that your course is affiliated to relevant councils and government bodies. Something that you can trust more than the look and feel of the place.

AIU - The other important thing, you might want to know is if your degree course is  internationally valid or not, even though you may think an educational institute to be the best university in Punjab or the best college in Punjab, check for AIU. 

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