Understanding the Applications of Insulated Steel Panels in Ontario

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on August 14th, 2018

Mainly used in the walls, roofs, and floors, the steel or structured insulated panels (SIPs) have a plethora of other applications that comprise freezer coolers, oil field applications, agricultural structures, residential, and commercial buildings. The process of manufacturing these type of steel panels include inserting a plastic insulated rigid foam in between two structured metal skins. With a myriad of advantages, the insulated steel panels in Ontario are manufactured under the controlled conditions of the factory, with the best-in-class quality, which is customized to fit every customer’s requirements. The premium quality SIPs are strongly built and are both cost-effective and energy efficient.

Being ideal for commercial, architectural, institutional, industrial, and cold storage applications, the insulated metal panels offer numerous advantages over the other products that are used for construction. Offering an outstanding R-value and with enhanced energy efficiency, the SIPs also come in different colors and finishes that allows for a plethora of designing opportunities. With the aid of the premium quality SIPs you cannot go wrong whether you are a contractor in search of easy-to-install good quality materials, or looking for best design solutions or even the owner of a building in search of different ways to save money on energy and other maintenance costs. Delving deeper into the subject matter, we would be able to understand and be familiar with the other benefits of these panels.

Durability and strength
When you are handling an in-plane compressive load, then with the help of SIPs you would get an added advantage due to its unique design. Being comparable to the way a steel I-Beam functions, the metallic skin of the SIP works like a flange and the foam core behaves as a web. If you opt for the advanced panel products, then you would get panels that are 32 inches to 36 inches wide and comprising of 24 to 26 gauge steel or aluminum which has a multitude of applications that encompass health grade panels for freezer coolers.

Easier installation procedure
Along with high durability and strength, the insulated steel panels in Ontario are a lot easier to install in both the residential as well as the commercial structures. In comparison to the other building systems, the steel insulated panels can be installed around 20 to 35 percent faster. With the aid of these panels you can increase the height of a wall as much as you want since they can be manufactured up to the length of 32 inches and can also be extended with an ‘h’ channel to make it easier for the next panel to fit in a proper manner. When the SIPs are brought to a job site, its ‘ready-to-install’ components make it easier to install as you do not need to frame, insulate, or even sheath stick-framed walls. Along with this, to make the job of the crew easier, electrical chases are placed into the panels’ core and hence there is no need for wire installation by drilling through studs.

The eco-friendly panels
Among the plethora of building systems that are available in the market, the insulated steel panels in Ontario are the most eco-friendly panels that you can lay your hands on. In pursuance of providing high levels of insulation, the SIP buildings are airtight and due to this feature the amount of energy utilized to heat or cool a building is minimized up to 50 percent. Not only do these panels promote a clean and green environment, but the homeowners, builders, and architects that use SIPs, also help in minimizing the greenhouse gases.

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