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The multitude of forex beginners who have always been dealing with the dilemma of whether or not it is good to use forex demo account or Exness Cent account. In my opinion, new traders are likely to become the victims of demo account before experiencing real ones. The chief reason is that it is quite hard for new traders to resist the temptation of some good trading conditions when using demo account. Viewed from different angles, demo account is not completely bad for beginners. However, it can be apparently seen that most new traders lost a lot of money when coming to real account after getting a lot from demo one. It is true that brokers will offer many great trading conditions for their traders when experiencing demo account such as: lower spread, lower volatility, better execution and prices…

 Similarly, new traders will feel more confident and ensure that they will be able to win in any account. In reality, demo account is totally different from real one, after some months beginners need to study everything again when using real account. I believe that it is not really a good thing for traders because it is time-consuming and can be a waste of money. In my opinion, it is better for new traders to start real Cent account from scratch. Beginners will have the opportunity to win a lot of money from using real account. I will mention some positive aspects which you will have by using Cent account, which is the best suited for new ones.

 -      One the one hand, this is a real trading account. Therefore, it will be safer for new traders when coming to this account at the beginning. Furthermore, you can enjoy all wonderful trading conditions: real spread, real prices, real volatility, slippage…. These trading conditions are considered to be most important factors before choosing a trading account.

-      Normally, as we can see, after using demo account, traders rarely win money from real one. It is simply because they did not have to worry about risky situations when experiencing demo account. As a result, it is highly recommended that you should choose real one with a view to training your discipline and help you to build trading-related skills, which are really helpful.

-      I agree that Cent account is completely suitable for new traders because it is dollar account. There are various benefits for new traders when using this account. In terms of great points, you can withdraw your money at any time.

These key reasons can be good illustrations which help beginner have a better understanding about this account. I would say that Cent account is seen as the best one for beginners.
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Why should new forex traders choose Exness Cent account?

Normally, you cannot find this type of account from big brokers. However, it is a typical account provided by smaller brokers. How can we choose now? It seems to be hard in this case because coming to small broker can be a dangerous thing. As I mentioned above, small broker will offer many good trading conditions, but they are so risky. Hence, we should choose bigger brokers in order to have a safe trading. The best broker now is Exness. Exness is totally different from other brokers because it is offering Cent account. Traders can get Cent account easily which gives them diverse perks. If you want to know more about this broker, you can click here. More importantly, their financial report was audited by a large accounting company, which is Deloitte. It would be a very important thing when choosing a broker. Hence, I think, Exness is always a reliable broker. It is advisable for new traders to choose Exness broker because of some following reasons.

-      Undeniably, Exness is the largest forex broker with a good fame. Hence, we can completely rely on them without any risk. As usual, when traders come to a broker, they tend to look at their reputation which is regarded as a paramount factor.

-      The next thing is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on deposit. Frankly speaking, new traders will never want to deposit a lot. Therefore, Exness will be a great broker in this situation. You can deposit as low as 1$ or more.

-      Although it seems almost impossible to open positions with a little money. But you can do this if you choose Exness. For example, you can open a position as low as 0.01 Cent or 0.0001$, which is the lowest position value in the forex market now. In my opinion, it is really beneficial for new traders because they do not have much experience. With the low order value, traders will feel more confident to practice. Moreover, you will be able to practice from 1 to 3 months with low minimum order value.

-      One thing that new traders often pay much attention is leverage. In fact, Exness Cent account is offering higher leverage, which can be profitable for beginners. When you get higher leverage, it means the margin will be lowered. It is a great thing when having more free margins. Because you can use these free margins to keep your orders open.

-      In terms of local payment methods, you can totally withdraw your money or deposit without any complexity. I think that Exness is always providing greatest thing for new traders.

-      Most importantly, the number of beginners is facing with some problems in speaking languages. They reckoned that language is always the top issue when trading. Certainly, you are beginners, and you always have a lot of queries for your broker. Therefore, you should choose Exness Cent account because you can be supported at any time. It is not a big problem when you choose Exness at this point. Exness now is supplying a lot of local languages such as: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and English-speaking countries…
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So, how to possess an Exness Cent account?

Everything seems to be straightforward. I mean, you only need to prepare an Email and a phone number. You can go to their website open it. You don’t have to spend more time doing this as usual accounts. It is super fast and easy.
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