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Posted by mmogonba2017 on August 15th, 2018

However reverting these strikes to coping flat harm is not a solution since it's not possible to hit a balance between a burglar's meagre 10k hp and reduced defence and a warrior's 30k with higher defence. A boss who has attempted this equilibrium is Hilla's pet Blackheart from the Dimension Invasion celebration quest. It has strikes damaging enough to instantly kill some courses whilst warriors brush off the harm with no worry.

The subsequent solution retains the ideology that squishy (low defence) classes should die in fewer hits than tank courses as seen with all the horizontal damage strikes, but it takes it one step farther and gives tanks a way to "protect" squishy players from damage. Bosses deal flat damage with all of their attacks, for example Gollux's purple breath assault might deal 20k harm, but the damage is broken across all players poe currency  struck by the attack according to their maximum HP before defence is factored in.

Using the Gollux instance, if player A using 10k hp and participant B with 30k hp are hit with the purple breath assault then player A will require 5k harm before defence is implemented and player B will take 15k harm before defence is applied. Sounds pretty near a 50 percent hp attack, but defence would actually have meaning. If there were players fighting the boss then their damage taken would be lowered further if all 3 of these were struck by an attack.

Note: When I state defence I also mean skills that reduce harm taken such as "Iron Body".On the other hand if participant A was able to buy poe orbs stop the strike but player B did not then player B would take the complete 20k damage. Bearing that in mind I presume certain classes built specifically as tanks (Paladin, Maplestory Battle Mage, Mihile) must have abilities that permit them to have some of the damage regardless of whether they were actually hit with the attack or not.

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