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Posted by Josephine89 on August 16th, 2018

Often, we trust a person because of what the individual reflects from his physical identity, countenance or in literal terms; the archaic front. Irrespective of what notions, ideas, and identities we have within, the ‘face value’ someone holds, is highly regarded in our brain’s psyche and affects our actions (whether spoken or written), in one way or the other.

The brief history of masks -

Where there are traditions, there are value-additions, whether through the physicality of things or through the sayings of the elderly people, associated with the tribe or culture, the introduction of masks is an ancient practice taken up by ancient tribal people and other tribesmen, willing to make a mark for themselves.

The practice to wear masks, started with rituals but continued on the path of rediscovery through sports, hunting, feasts, get-together events or desperately in a war-front, where the idea was to keep the enemy guessing about the real enemy and their identity. Eventually, everyone had their own idea of making and wearing masks, including those who struggled initially with their identity but soon carved a niche, in theater or through some other platform.

Counting up to the 19th-20th and 21st century, we now have a host of distinct masks, specific to one’s own purpose including masks for:

A - Custom marketing services
B - Teaching workshops and residencies
C - Character masks
D - Character half-masks
E - Com-media half-masks
F - Greek theater masks
G - Animal and Insect masks
H - Comedy, decorative, and tragic masks
I - Mardi-Gras and costume masks

Custom made face masks not only idealize the concept of maintaining privacy during a public meet-up or gala event, but also protect judgments based on facial features, where there is no need to make one.

Do you know what type of masks are the best?

Neoprene (an industrial latex compound), is the best element for producing and presenting masks, which are rigid yet very flexible. In comparison to leather, the weight is even (quite similar) but what makes it better, is the ability to re-wash the mask or sanitize in between continued use.

Do you want to buy costume masks for a particular event or cos-play event? Find the best industrial-use masks from online marketeers and designers, who deal in neoprene masks and sell the same in vivid diversity.

Show your spirit-animal or your favourite character to the world while hiding your face, wherever required, with masks made up of neoprene for theater or any other platform.

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