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Posted by Ava Smith on August 16th, 2018

An impeccable essay is what a student always wants to write. Even the universities demand impeccable papers. But writing such a paper is where the problem lies because most students do not understand what makes a picture-perfect essay paper.

Students also need a perfect essay paper because examiners give grades to them. And it is only the top grades that students seek for. But the question is “Is it possible to write such a paper that can score the best marks?”

The answer to this is yes. It is possible. But first, students need to understand what makes a perfect essay paper. An essay paper consists of few features which must be brought together to compose an impeccable paper.

An essay paper is not only about providing information. But there are more things that contribute to making the essay a proper one. Such an essay is impressive and capable of fetching the best grades.

A correct structure according to essay style

This is the first rule of essay writing a perfect essay. During the academic years, students get to write different types of essay like simple narrative or descriptive essay or complex ones like an argumentative essay or persuasive essay.
The point is that students must understand what type of essay they have to write. Accordingly, they must provide the necessary structure or framework to the essay. This is because it is the structure that gives primary support in writing a perfect essay.

Stating ‘only’ what is necessary
Students tend to write as much as possible in the paper. They think that doing it will make the paper more informative. This is absolutely a wrong idea. The content of the essay must have only what is necessary and what is required.

Students must take care not to repeat anything that they have stated before. There must not be any fillers or jargons. Even clichés should be strictly avoided. The paper must only have strong evidence or description according to the requirements.

Sticking to all the norms and instructions

Another important aspect that contributes in writing the perfect essay is abiding by the rules, regulations and norms whether it is of the university or the professor. This is especially applicable to the mentioned word count.

Students must never think that writing more than the specified word count will fetch more marks. Instead, they can lose marks. Hence, it is important to stick to the stated word count. The formatting and referencing norms must also be strictly followed.

A good story written in simple language

Most students think that if they use complex words or phrases, it will add weight to the paper. Well, it is not so. In fact, this is where they make the worst mistake of putting incorrect words with grammatical mistakes.
Instead, it is best to use simple and easy to understand words which will give the feel of a story that is well said. The story must have a gradual rise to a climax and a gentle slope towards the conclusion.

These are some of the necessary features of a perfect essay. These features must be combined with correct research, formal or informal tone of writing, good vocabulary, adept writing skills to pen down an impressive essay paper. Students must pay attention to meet all these necessary aspects.

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