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Tartan, ostensibly the best-known material on the planet, isn’t impossible to miss to Scotland, despite the fact that it has turned into the nation’s national outfit, involving a special place in its history, and in the hearts and psyches of a large number of Scots. From the seasons of the early clansmen through to the conventions of the advanced Highland regiments, the kilt, plaid and tartan have constituted the undeniable ensemble of the Highlander. The dress today stays alluring, unmistakable, beautiful and military. It has come to be connected with the temperances of mettle and strength, with adoration for a zone and with the music, verse and culture of the Highlands. Independent of the mind boggling banter about the advancement of Highland dress and the sources of various tartans, this general picture - of a unique attire that implied much to its wearers - was legitimate previously and still remains constant today. Remember This Is Not A Piece Of Cloth ….it’s legacy

Tartan is a historically and culturally significant pattern that is made of up crossing horizontal and vertical bands or threads of colours. Tartans were historically made with woven wool; however, today they can consist of most other materials. The pattern is most heavily associated with Scotland due to its many uses in times of war, and Scottish Kilt almost always will feature tartan patterns.

There is estimated to be up to 5,000 different tartans in existence, with about 150 new designs created annually! This begs the question: why are there so many different kinds of tartans?


The different kinds of tartans can be broken down by colour into three categories: modern, muted, and ancient. These categories simply reflect the type of dye or colouring agent that was used to create the tartan. The colours themselves can range all across the rainbow and have meanings such as blue, symbolising bodies of water, green for forests and prairies or yellow for crops, depending on the regional backgrounds.

Originally, tartans were constructed using woven wool, although now they are made with a variety of materials. Alternating bands of colored threads criss-cross perpendicularly to one another, and are woven in such a way that causes diagonal lines to form where different colors cross. This gives an illusion of new colors, although they are actually just a result of the crossing of the threads.


This Tartan is also used by the clans and in festivals for bands. The Royal Stewart Band Tartan is also used by the queen&rsquo’s guards. Royal Stewart Tartan Band Kilt is made from around 5 yards of the poly-viscose Acrylic wool and is very lighter than the traditional 8 yards version. The kilt was designed so it will not affect your style, tradition and you will feel comfortable wearing this kilt. Royal Stewart Tartan Band Kilt has deep pleats sewn individually so that they stay sharp and look elegant. It has adjustable leather straps so it fits perfectly around you waist.

Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt | Scottish Clothing
Royal Stewart Tartan Band Kilt is made from around 5 yards of the poly-viscose Acrylic wool, This Tartan is also used by the clans and in festivals for bands. The Royal Stewart Band Tartan is also used by the queen’s guards.

The kilt has evolved over the centuries with many new styles emerging over the years, and at Scottish Kilt, you’ll find all of the most popular kilt designs from yesterday and today. We carry classic tartan kilts and wedding kilts for dress wear as well as modern designs like leather kilts, utility kilts and our own innovation—the hybrid kilt. Women’s kilts and kilts for children and babies are also available in our extensive collection of kilt designs.

Scottish Kilt is your one stop shop for made to measure Celtic apparel, Collection goes beyond kilts to include sporrans, jackets, shirts, belts & buckles.

We offer more than 200 tartans and we always adding more. Our tartans are woven by hand at one of Scotland’s oldest and most respected mills.

The Best part is you can get your Kilt according to your waist and length.Our traditional kilts are all made to measure. All our kilts are handcrafted by our team of 10 tailors and from the finest materials. The fabric for each of our kilts is woven and cut by hand meaning each one is a unique piece of art.

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