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Posted by Anuj Pandey on August 17th, 2018

Gujarat has always been considered the hub of business in modern India and there are a number of existing as well as budding SMEs and MSMEs in the city. Small businesses are the backbone of the economic world and in Vadodara, it has greatly helped shape the economy to a large extent. Thanks to banks and NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv, it is now much easier to gain business loans in Vadodara to set up and grow one’s business. Gone are the days when one had to think ten times before setting up a business just because a passionate businessman was worried about acquiring funds. With business loans, it is possible to set up any business one wants.

Business loans can be put into a variety of uses to grow one’s business. Firstly, one can get the loan without collateral security, which means there is no guarantor that has to sign with the businessman and there is no need to mortgage anything. This significantly takes away a lot of added tension and one can truly concentrate on growing one’s business.

The best way to use the loan amount is to divide it properly and plan out how much money would be needed in various aspects of the business like renting new premises, buying raw materials or buying vehicles for the purpose of business. Some businesses do not have to acquire certain expenditure- for example, some might not need money for renting premises because they might be utilizing the extra space in their property and have it converted into office and so no extra rent is needed apart from the basic taxes. Again, those who have a services business, would not need money to buy raw materials or maintain inventory, like a web designing start up. In such cases, the money that is not needed in these aspects could be used better in other areas of uplifting the business.

Collateral free business loans from Bajaj Finserv, on the other hand, also come with flexible repayment options. So just in case a new business is not able to make enough money at the very onset of the business, or in the first financial year, they can keep on making interest only payments and the principal amount can be paid at the end of the tenure, by which time the business would have accumulated enough cash. Moreover, if one already had a business loan with another creditor but finds that the interest rate of business loan offered by Bajaj Finserv are much better, then they also have the option to for transfer of business loan, whereby the outstanding principal and interest amount is transferred to the Bajaj Finserv account. Such flexibility makes it easy for a business in Vadodara to grow and it is inspiring a number of new businessmen to break ground and invest in business.

Bajaj Finserv business loans can be utilized for any aspect of business. It could be used for buying new machines and it could be used for making new inventions which would require new kinds of raw materials. There are very few loans out there that provide this kind of flexibility in their usage and the tenure of the loans are also sufficiently long enough to assist in easy repayments. One must check the business loan eligibility and have a good credit score, along with the IT returns of the last three years, and one can apply for the loan with ease.

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