Dr. H?seyin Sahinbas: New President of German Hyperthermia Society

Posted by Andreas Winkler on August 17th, 2018

With Dr. H?seyin Sahinbas, whose areas of specialty include hyperthermia, the German Hyperthermia Society, or DGHT-eV for short (www.dght-ev.de), has elected a new president with particularly ambitious goals. One of his first actions in office involved setting up an academic exchange with colleagues in China and entering into a cooperation agreement with Shanghai"s Shulan Hospital. Both parties expect a creative and intensive clinical and scientific exchange in this context, in order to "further expand the quality and application of hyperthermia," according to Dr. Quing Xu, Director of the Tongji University Cancer Center. In addition to further scientific studies, this work will include defining and implementing guidelines for performing hyperthermia treatments with regard to individual entities. The objective of this step is to further establish the relevance of hyperthermia in conventional school medicine and to boost its acceptance. "We not only want to expand our international contacts, but also want to foster the cooperation of national associations," said Dr. Sahinbas, who outlined his goals as DGHT-eV President as follows:

- Build bridges between all associations dedicated to complementary (oncological) and conventional fields
- Build bridges between decision-makers in politics and medicine
- Build bridges between scientific research and colleagues working "in the trenches"
- Build bridges between doctors and affected patients seeking help
- Build bridges between science, patients and the media

"Hyperthermia is already supported by detailed studies in many areas and now has to make the leap to becoming accepted by insurance systems," says Dr. Sahinbas, adding, "This will be one of my core tasks as President. I will largely act as a link between many associations and colleagues, I see myself as a bridge builder for politics, science, but also for commercial institutions in medicine and insurance." True to his motto "It takes a vision to have a current plan," DGHT-eV will reposition itself within this framework to provide more active support for colleagues and to convince other physicians of the benefits of this therapy form. In order to achieve this in the near future, intensive talks are currently underway, for example at the Berlin Charite Hospital, to create a "hyperthermia specialist" training course. "Clear guidelines and specialist training will make hyperthermia significantly more attractive for junior colleagues, and we hope to generate broad interest among young doctors. I particularly look forward to the task of communicating knowledge and experience in the treatment of cancer patients.
That makes my position as president of DGHT-eV very gratifying," says Dr. Sahinbas, whose long-term objectives include establishing an independent professorship for hyperthermia.

Dr. H?seyin Sahinbas - President DGHT-eV

Bei Krebsleiden und chronischen Krankheiten ist die Hyperthermie mittlerweile mehr als nur ein Hoffnungsschimmer zur Prognoseverbesserung. Denn Hyperthermie kann Leben retten, verl?ngern und erheblich verbessern.

Das ist das Ziel der DGHT-eV

H?seyin Sahinbas
Gutenbergstr. 8
26135 Oldenburg
Phone: +49 441 - 936 54 58 - 6
E-Mail: info@dght-ev.de
Url: www.dght-ev.de

H?seyin Sahinbas
Gutenbergstr. 8
26135 Oldenburg
Phone: 0441 - 936 54 58 - 6
E-Mail: info@dght-ev.de
Url: https://www.dght-ev.de/home

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