Are Your Aware of These Most Crucial Drone Parts?

Posted by tommydrone04 on August 17th, 2018

While flying, some extra confidence doesn’t harm and goes a long way for a safe and smooth flight. And that extra confidence, my friend, would only come with awareness. Awareness of the various fundamental drone parts and components!

Here is a list of some of the most crucial drone parts that you must be aware of:

Motors- It is the motor that provides the force to run a drone. So, the performance of a drone depends upon its motors. There are multiple number of motors inside each drone. You can even keep some spare motors inside your drone, If your drone has four motors, it is a quadcopter, if it has six motors, it is a hexacopter, and so on. Brushless motors are considered more efficient these days in terms of performance and operation.

Propellers- They are also extremely crucial components of a drone and are there to create a difference in air pressure. They are responsible for the direction and motion of a drone and come in many variations in terms of size and material used. Light weight and break-proof propellers made of carbon fibre are considered good. If the propeller is faulty, it might result in an impaired flight. Hence, it is essential to pick a high quality propeller for your drone.

Speed controllers- Located inside the mainframe of the drone, they help to monitor and control speed of the drone during a flight. Direction of flight and variations in brakes depends upon these components.

Battery and power distribution cables- The power of the drone comes from its battery. If there is no power, the drone wouldn’t be able to fly. Battery requirements of drones vary, based on their power needs and consumption. Usually, larger drones require more power and smaller ones require less power.

Landing gear- It helps to land the drone safely. If your drone requires high ground clearance during landing, it will require a modified landing gear to have a safe landing. Whereas, delivery drones that carry parcels need to have a spacious landing gear since they will need more space to hold the items on landing.

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