Termite Inspection for Property Preservation in Perth

Posted by Choice Building Inspections on August 17th, 2018

One of the deadliest attacks a home can face is from termites. They can create havoc if not dealt with in the initial stage of the attack. In Perth, many homeowners witness the problems due to increasing termite presence. This is why professional termite inspection service providers in Perth have been offering door to door services. Because of the extremely destructive nature of termites, there is a requirement of regular inspections of property. A professional pest control company would follow the procedure of inspection before the actual work is done.

Termite inspections of property in Perth by a professional company will help in bringing down the maniac and keep your home secured against the treat. Let us now check the features you will find when hiring a professional termite company for the home inspection:

1.Inspecting the Mud Tubes:

Mud tubes are the indication of a termite problem as they build these tunnels to protect themselves while travelling. Termites create these tubes close to pipes, crawlspaces, and interiors of ceilings. So the inspection team considers inspecting every part of the mud tubes.

2.Signs of Swarm:

Inexperienced homeowners wouldn't consider flying ants as a big threat, but they can actually damage your furniture. The termite inspection team will inspect the signs of winged insects flying around the home. If they are in huge numbers, then it’s time to treat the area to ensure that they do not return back to your home.


This is the most important feature of a professional termite inspection Perth service. The experience will regularly inspect the home from in and out to uncover sources of termites. They carry modern tools that help them to inspect the area and work on the chemical solution to treat the area.

4.Search Potential Entry Points:

Every termite has an entry point through which they get into and build their base. The inspector checks every entry point of the home which has the potential to increase the termite problem in the home. Once the entry point is found, it is sealed with the right steps to ensure there is no more entry point.


This professional Termite Inspection Perth service uses all their experience when it comes to inspecting the home to eliminate the signs of termites. Moreover, they will also provide tips on keeping the home termite free.

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