Why Do You Need To Replace Missing Teeth At The Earliest?

Posted by ADSdenturesus on August 17th, 2018

Appearance holds great importance for most people and this is evident by the way we are enamoured by a good flashing toothy smile. What happens of someone has to undergo a tooth surgery and get a tooth removed? The gap mars the appearance dramatically and the best way to replace the missing tooth.

Most of the middle aged people in United States lose about 7 teeth by the time they creep into their late middle age. This includes wisdom teeth and other natural teeth. There is no way that the original tooth pops back again. Tooth loss is permanent. Only way to fill a gap is to go for missing teeth replacement in West Chester.

Missing teeth replacement in West Chester is extremely important because missing teeth can cause trouble over a period of time.

  1. It a tooth goes missing for a long time the other teeth may start to shift into the vacant place. This is called drifting of teeth. Every tooth holds a place in the jaw and acts as a support system for the other adjacent teeth. The shifting of teeth can disturb the natural alignment of the jaw and teeth. Your fabulous perfect smile may not remain the same anymore and will soon give a crooked look.

  2. The teeth opposite and adjacent will soon start to shift into the gap and distort the normal bite of the jaw.

  3. The whole jaw gets impacted and the bite shifts causing a chaos in the whole dental system.

  4. The jaw bone at the missing tooth’s location is not exercised properly and this can cause serious dental issues. The side of the jaw where the tooth was supposed to be is not used when a tooth falls and this ruins effective chewing. The lower jaw cannot connect to the upper jaw properly and this can damage the jaw joint in the long run. The basic bone structure of the jaw starts to feel a strain.

  5. Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment because the gap mars appearance drastically. If the teeth are replaced by artificial teeth then it covers up the space and improves the looks drastically.

  6. Cosmetic and restorative surgery fills tooth gaps and oral health problems can be taken care of. If the teeth are not properly aligned there will be spaces and gaps that the toothbrush cannot reach. The collection of plague is natural with improper brushing and flossing and thus it can lead to loss of your precious teeth in future.

  7. Invest in a partial denture or a tooth implant and fill in the missing gaps so that the rest of the teeth remain in proper place. The surrounding teeth will not get any space to move into. An implant ensures that there is no bone deterioration because of the fallen tooth and the face is not altered. These are common problems faced because of fallen teeth which are not replaced in time.

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