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Whether you are a undergraduate wanting to study in some of the BBA COLLEGE IN PUNJAB or a post graduate wanting to peruse a MBA COURSE, one thing is for sure you would have a large part of your personality inclines towards forming or managing business. Given that business have a keen interest in promoting their range of products and services or whatever it is they offer, the term dissonance has an important role to play in this segment of consumer behavior. Successful businesses work toward bringing the gap between themselves and their customers by continually studying the various factors involved in completing a transaction and making a purchase. An undergraduate in BBA COLLEGE IN PUNJAB or a post graduate studying a MBA Course are familiarized with this crucial aspect of consumer-business relationship. How happy is your customer buying from you? Is he/she satisfied with what you offer? Do  you think that this person will buy from you again in future or refer someone else? A terminology of customer loyalty sound simple but attaining it takes the right business approach and managerial know how. Numerous case studies that are studied in undergraduate BBA Course in BBA COLLEGE IN PUNJAB or a post graduate MBA COURSE take  every student through the intricacies of consumer behavior. The exact meaning of dissonance is when a consumer has bought from a brand it is if the person is experience some sort of regret or doubt that a particular item shouldn't have been bought or is reevaluating his/her decision after the purchase and in cases if there is anxiety instead of satisfaction or a feel good factor. The reason what post purchase dissonance may be experienced and to the extent it may affect a person depends on how important was making that particular purchase in the first place? Did he/she think the alternatives were better had they been bought? A person's nature - does he/she generally worry or think too much therefore, experiencing the anxiety  leading to post purchase dissonance and off course the decision to buy in the first place has been revoked . While studying BBA in BBA COLLEGE IN PUNJAB or a post graduate MBA COURSE the curriculum is designed help students grasp this core concept which is so crucial to business drawing a fine line between being successful and being close to it. Students learn how to design customer satisfaction surveys and run advertisements as well has other innovative techniques like recycling or understanding product usage to help expand their businesses. Desh Bhagat University is the BEST UNIVERSITY IN PUNJAB.

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