Ways to Save Your Money: 7 Ways to Save Money, You Already Thought of But Never

Posted by penniespnchinguk on August 19th, 2018

1. Take all your change, every day, and put it in a jar.
This is so easy it is ridiculous. But, few of us do it. Done each day with thought and commitment it can amount to £300 a year.

2. Once a week, take your smallest paper bill out of your wallet (regardless of denomination) and put it in your savings account. Commit to this and realise impressive savings at the end of the year.

3. Take all your credit cards out of your wallet and freeze them in a glass of water in your freezer. This money saving idea seems drastic but, it makes you use cash. Keep just one debit cardonly.
Decide how much cash you can spend in a week and spend no more. Keep the cards there until you have nodebt. After that, leave them in the freezer. Cash only!

4. Watch what you spend money on!  Save Money with a less expensive choice?   Advertising has made us all brand conscious. A brand name usually costs 10% to 20% more than the non-brand name for the same product. Stop buying the brand!

5. Use a list whenever you go shopping! Stores are designed to create impulse buyers. Go to the store with a list and stick to it. Buy only what you really need, saving money each time you shop.

6. Recognise your habits and break them! Are you the Imelda Marcos of the UK? (She was the Dictator of the Philippines who when deposed had over 1000 pairs of shoes.) Recognize your excess and end it.

7.If you have a family teach your children tosave money! Make them do something for their allowance. Don’t just give them money because they ask. This will create havoc when they are teenagers. Cash is earned. It is never free!

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