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Posted by Yoomoz on August 19th, 2018

Most of us are under tremendous pressure and we are constantly coping with stress. It is important that we try to reduce the stress to it's minimum levels in order to preserve our health. There are many stress relief techniques that are quite effective when it comes to stress relief, some are easy while other techniques are more demanding. It depends on each individual how he or she will confront the stress and try to reduce it .Anti Stress Ball


One of the easiest and very popular way of relieving stress is by squeezing stress relief balls. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors therefore you will have no problem choosing the one you prefer. If you are asking which stress balls to choose I would definitely recommend that you decide to use Chinese Stress Relief Balls. Using Chinese stress balls to reduce the stress is an ancient technique and it still helps us to reduce the stress.

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Let me tell you more about this effective stress relievers
Chinese Stress Balls are becoming more and more popular recently. They originate from China and are one of three legendary treasures of Boading. In China they are called "miracle balls" and they have been in use since the Ming Dynasty which was dated on late 1300s. During the reign of Ming Dynasty handcrafts and other traditional industries started to flourish. Stress relief balls are China's most known product which cures and gives therapeutic relief. Chinese stress relief balls come predominantly in the size of an average golf ball. They always come in pairs and are made of colored metal. Most of the balls produce metallic sounds with a rhythm when clanged together. That's why they relieve stress gently and have other proprietary cures for problems such as arthritis, rheumatism or problems with blood circulation.

How to use Chinese balls:
You have to hold balls with both palms simultaneously and rotate them in clockwise or anti- clockwise direction. If you want to achieve better results, try to produce sound with the balls. Balls sound the best when the pleasant sounds that are emitted from the hollow balls are made to tune into certain rhythm. 

Balls can be also an excellent addition to the meditation technique. For example when balls are handled and rolled, this leads to stimulating the acupuncture points on the palm and it contributes to healing various organs of the body. Balls encourage a smooth energy flow to come through the body and they can be useful tool when dealing with hypertension.


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