Follow These Tips to Revamp Your OId Press Brakes

Posted by Steven Glassner on August 20th, 2018

“Amada Press Brake for Sale” … search online and you will find several press brake owners who have put their old press brakes on sale. Probably they have decided to get rid of their old press brakes and installing a new machine with new brakes. If you think that the old ones are of no use, you might be wrong. There are several ways to enhance the productivity of your current press brake by revamping it with additional parts. By doing so, you will not only improve the production levels but also save time and energy of the operators.
As the first step, you need to find out what type of retrofits and replacement parts are available in the market and how would they be useful for your machine. Amada machine replacement parts are quite popular for their superior and long-lasting quality. But before you start retrofitting your old press brakes, there are certain tips you need to follow. Some of them are given below:
Know Your Press Brake Well

Let’s say your machine has a mechanical press brake with a clutch and a flywheel. During such times you can add a stand-alone CNC back gauge system to your machine. In this case, the option of RAM programmability would not work for you. When it comes to accuracy, Mechanical press brakes are irreplaceable. This is because their tonnage is derived due to the rotation through its bottom dead center.
They are used a lot for coining operations.
If you have a hydraulic press brake, you should know that they use mechanical linkages for intensifying the force of its working. Their ram repeatability is of ± 0.002 inch. As they make use of hydraulics, transducers and restrict the switches from regulating the ram position and force, the third party retrofit firms can interface their workings by providing a manageable speed and position.
Test Machine’s Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical Condition

Before you order for new Amada machine replacement parts, it is important for you to examine the condition of your machine. Here’s what you should look into
Accuracy of Your Ram

First things first, you need to check if your ram is accurate and leveled on both the sides. Your press brake’s accuracy is dependent on your current bending methods. So, ask yourself whether you are bottom bending, airbending or coin bending. If your current bending method is providing you with superior quality results, there’s no need to replace the press brake. You just need to replace the needed part at cost-effective rates and you’re done!
Pedestal Control

Next, check if your foot pedal or pedestal control is working properly. Several original equipment manufacturers find it difficult to find these components. However, if they search for them proactively, they would be able to find a press brake retrofit. If you want good quality retrofits, you can search with the term “Amada press brake for sale” and you will find several companies that provide with new and used press brakes.
Press Brake Control

Find out if the programmable control head drives all the press brake functionalities. Also, figure out if the control is necessary so that the press brake can run; or is it possible to run the machine without the control. In case the signals from the press brake control are necessary for it to run properly you will find expensive retrofit parts. But if it can run manually, any basic retrofit interface will work.
Evaluate the Pain Points

To start evaluating the pain points, figure out which method is more feasible. Front gauging or Back gauging. Based on the critical dimensions, you will be able to zero on the right method. In case you make use of front gauge for measuring from the first bend to the second one, you will have to maintain the critical tolerance right in the center of your piece and push the variance that will happen on the flanges. If you use back gauging, the flange dimensions will remain accurate.
Above given are some steps which must have helped you. However, before you buy Amada machine replacement parts or press brake, you must calculate what will it cost you and then purchase the needed parts to enhance the productivity of your machines. Make sure you purchase the best!

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