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Why You Need to Hire Ball Hog Experts for All Your Sports Uniforms Designs

Posted by techjohnwilson on August 20th, 2018

What’s so special about a custom made sports uniform that a sportsman wears every time he competes on field? Is it the colours, the sports logo, or the uniform design? What’s so exceptional about these uniform designs, patterns, logos, and colours that inspire our loyalty? How do simple pieces of custom sports apparel stimulate sports fans? How do they bring a high level camaraderie amongst strangers, strong enough to rival that between other sports fans? Tyrone Rieschiek, the founder of Ball Hog, brings to you some of these secrets.


  • Ball Hog understands that custom sports uniforms does more than help distinguish an individual sportsman, team member or fans apart. It’s an identity, it defines who you are and when you put it on it tells everyone who and what you stand for. The jersey you wear has meaning, and that meaning that turns a bunch of sports fans wearing the same apparel into a team.

  • It is for this reason that we at Ball Hog are very passionate about what we do. The impact that sports has goes beyond the confines of the playing field, and the individual sport, it permeates all levels of our society. For this reason our dedicated sportswear designers will help you to develop apparel and a unique sports brand that will ensure you stand out on field and beyond.

  • Furthermore, all our designs are one of a kind. Our experienced designers will work with you to create custom sportswear from scratch. To achieve the desired effect, our staff will make extra effort to ensure that what you get from us is fashion forward and is in line with the latest sporting trends.

  • Which teams look is not complete without a sports mascot and logo? To complete your new custom look we additionally offer custom team logo designs and sports mascot designs. These designs are available in a variety of styles including the currently trendy American style logo design.

  • On completion of the design phase, the next step is printing your uniform design. At Ball Hog we understand the difficulty that is associated with printing. It is with this in mind we additionally offer to facilitate the printing of your custom apparel & kit.

  • Our website also has a feature where you can design and create your own custom sports uniforms by using our awesome online kit designer tool (click here to checkout our kit designer ).

Joel Hernandez in his testimonial best summarizes what we do at Ball Hog “I really appreciate your considerate and professional approach to each and every order we've placed with Ball Hog. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. You are already having a positive influence on our sportswear business. Many, many thanks.

At Ball Hog, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your sportswear design requirements.

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