Top 5 Tech Trends for Mobile App Development Company

Posted by Anshul Sharma on August 20th, 2018

Technology brings innovative ideas to businesses. No matter how small your business is the true knowledge of technology can help you to revolutionize your organization. The most important factor to bring success in businesses is a mobile app. Yes, these apps play a major role to reach out to the potential customers. This is why companies are hiring mobile app developers at full speed. But, are there other ways that can bring change to small businesses? Yes, indeed there are.

With the evolution of advanced technologies, several organizations have changed the way they are working. These emerging technologies have largely affected the small businesses to grow. Let us have a look at the top 5 tech trends for small businesses without any further ado.

1- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) 

The ascents of artificial knowledge, as well as Machine learning are significant trends that are surely going to wonder everyone in the coming time. AI is a quickly developing innovation and has turned into a general piece of our lives. Due to this quick development in innovation, an enormous change can be seen occurring in organizations consistently. While machines and frameworks turn out to be more equipped for taking care of workload and overseeing forms, a more noteworthy measure of R&D in AI and its applications is presently ready to transform almost every sector in the following decade. The example of the integration of AI is Sales force CRM and if we talk about huge enterprises, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple, they are already utilizing AI technology the improve customer experience.

2- Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a web-based innovation that enables clients to share systems, access data from anywhere, anytime with the help of mobile, and utilize cloud hosting to store information. Cloud computing can bring huge changes to private ventures and is an awesome way for small businesses to save time, money, database and enhance efficiency and security. Since various cloud administrations have opened an adaptable and financially appealing entryway for organizations, they can take advantage of high-performance and simplicity of cloud computing.

3- Big Data

As indicated by industry specialists, data is opening new doors for organizations and helping them in their development. Each business utilizes its own data according to the necessity and Big Data helps in managing, filtering, and analyzing hundreds of billions of rows of data. The utilization of huge data is getting to be regular nowadays and to the extent, administrations or web-based business organizations are concerned, Big information apparatuses like Data Mining, Hadoop, Cloudera, OpenRefine, and R-Programming are turned out to be to be of huge help. These apparatuses are breaking down the client database to enhance their business and to discover new development openings.

4- Blockchain

The blockchain is another mechanical trendy expression nowadays that has a gigantic potential for incorporating future advances. It is a ground-breaking, unhackable, and secure exchange innovation for advanced resources that can help in enhancing distributed digital information and transactions, payment system, identity verification, with the help of different crypto-currencies. The distributed ledger system of Blockchain keeps an authenticated or verifiable record of every last transaction at any point made in the framework.

Due to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, the technology associated with a transaction is getting so much popularity that the Linux Foundation has made devices for working out Blockchain cooperation systems. We just have to wait and see that how entrepreneurs will apply this innovation to their own their business activities.

5- E-Commerce

I know you all are aware of e-commerce platform and its importance for your businesses. As per Fortune magazine, over 300 retailers filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and a hundred more are 100 stores get closed because they wanted to opt for online platforms. The reason behind such popularity of e-commerce platform is mainly because of the advancement in technology. Nowadays, we all are so busy that they don’t want to spend their precious time going out shopping hence, prefer online platforms or apps. The e-commerce mobile apps or platforms have already gained recognition in the market and will continue to grow in the future.

Wrapping Up

Mobile app development is one way to enhance your business, but integrating innovative technologies in developing those apps has become a necessity. Therefore, in the above article, we have shared some popular technologies that are hard to ignore regardless of your business size.

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