Types of artworks to adorn your home

Posted by Alisha Sharma on August 21st, 2018

There is no bigger joy than the feeling of contentment that you get from the exquisite painting hanging on the wall space in your living room. An art aficionado seeks that best artwork for his/her home, workplace, gifting or to make a comprehensive collection.

Well, home is the place where you relax, spend your leisure time, and rejuvenate your mind & body to get ready for tomorrow. Home is where the heart is. And it does matter a lot what sort of artwork is hanging in front of your eyes when you come back from work or when you are leaving for office. A painting is supposed to stimulate our mind’s few parts and give us that adrenaline rush when we observe it.

So, through this article, I am going to present to you a few types of artworks that you may find suitable to beautify your personal space you call home. Let’s take a look:

The bedroom

Ah, this is the most favorite room for everyone! Whatever is happening in the external world is generally left behind when you enter this room. Typically, a bedroom is meant for complete relaxation.

So, my suggestion would be to hang either one of the famous contemporary art paintings or an abstract work of prominent artists such as Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh.

The wall paintings of these esteemed artists will beautify your bedroom with the gracefulness and elegance with colorful impressionist works.

Since these paintings are long-lasting, always purchase these paintings with fade-resistant archival inks or some similar preservation techniques. Explore these paintings on any leading online art galleries available.

The kid’s room

This is one room that you want to be inspiring enough for your kid to believe in dreams. Some people hang children’s art in the room to stimulate the creative flair in the child. Children artworks are generally made using bold colors, simple patterns, and fun objects that shout an appeal to the younger audience.

You can also create a gender-based theme that would make the kid’s room look more lit and mesmerizing or you can also select a gender-neutral artwork.

You can also put up extravagant paintings of Ganesha in kid’s room to encourage high concentration and wittiness in the younger lads.

Staircase or hallway

The hallway or the staircase in any home is the place that is mostly kept empty. I don’t know why! It is the best place you can adorn to bring more colors and spark in your home.

For hallways, I would recommend hanging wall photographs. These modern styled form of art is not a painting but an artistically created photographs that offer diversification and rarity to the entire aura.

You can utilize a canvas form photograph or even choose to make a collage of several framed photographs that complement with the furniture or the wall color perfectly.

The living room

This is the fun room of your house. Mostly you make your guests sit here, you enjoy coffee with a novel here, you relax with your spouse watching your favorite movie or you celebrate an occasion here.

My strong recommendation for the living room would definitely would a contemporary artwork. What could be better to choose an art form that has abstract paintings, artworks based on social hypocrisies or a religious painting fused with contemporary techniques for your living room?

A lot of things happen in your living room, so the painting here should represent that resonates with your thought process. In simpler words, a living room is where you would want to see an artwork that’s your favorite and I don’t think there can be a better option than contemporary art.


“Why would I put a painting where I cook?”

You must be thinking this, right? Well, let me tell you that being an art lover, I would want my entire home to be sprinkled with different designs, colors, and styles of paintings.

For the kitchen, I would suggest a vintage wall artwork. The feeling of nostalgia that these paintings offer is just unparalleled. Contact an online art gallery and get an exquisite print of vintage vehicles, flags, and drinks to incorporate an artistic character to your kitchen.

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