How To Have A Lifetime Of Fun And Mischief By Pondering Your Childhood Memories

Posted by albert on August 21st, 2018

Although the Time Machine is still a thing of the future for science to invent a device with the help of which one could travel back and forth in time, our human minds have the capability of doing somewhat the same. Some might argue on this fact and to an extent they are true for we cannot travel in the past or future physically but with the aid of our memories and imagination, we can do time travel in our minds. When you sit back, relax and sip scotch in front of the fireplace and reminisce those cherished memories of your childhood, a natural smile lights up your face with the thoughts of a lifetime of fun and mischief during your juvenile days.

Being the most innocent and pure phase in everyone’s life, while ruminating on our childhood memories we relive those days again as the incidents flash in front of us where we see ourselves free, spending time outdoors, playing with our friends and being free from all worldly worries and tensions. One of the best ways to leave our worldly tensions and find peace within ourselves is by reading a captivating book. There is a myriad of books available in the market that brings in the feeling of nostalgia and described as ‘a treasure trove of tales’. Recollecting the times when we were still a toddler, having a sheltered and carefree life that was nurtured with love, affection and concern, we slowly drift into the zone of a different world, a world full of love and peace, a world where hatred doesn’t exist.

Times have changed now and they are a lot tougher than they were before. We have our lives entrapped within the physical boundaries of fulfilling our needs while striving hard to maintain a proper work-life balance. With the economic recession taking a hard toll, increasing of layoffs, monthly budgets being trimmed down and the jobs becoming scarce, we are being pushed down the lane of sorrow where we have almost forgotten how to live life to the fullest. Having a negative impact on our mental and physical state, the anxiety and stress on a regular basis puts us at the risk for a plethora of harmful behaviours like binge eating and substance abuse. We at times tend to forget the most important thing in our lives while dealing with these everyday tensions. Although, this being the harsh reality, we cannot rule it out of our lives in pursuance of achieving happiness but we can still be happy with ourselves and all our loved ones around us by giving us and them time and importance amidst our work. By leaving behind the erroneous belief of adhering to monetary gains being proportional to happiness, if you could just pick up a good book, that helps to take you back to our blissful childhood days where you simply had a lifetime of fun and mischief, then it would not be hard to close your eyes and ponder, while having a natural smile on your face that indicates nothing but happiness.

Author’s bio: The author is an avid writer and this article talks about how to be happy during atrocities.

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