Tips for opening your own pet shop business

Posted by Cynthia Madison on August 22nd, 2018

You might be an animal lover, but you have to know that opening a business with pets means more than cute small dogs and kittens to play with. It means a lot of responsibility because you are dealing with living creatures that require a lot of special treatment and attention. Besides the fact that you have to take care off all the aspects that concern opening a business such as documents or marketing, you also have to acknowledge that you need to create the suitable conditions for the pets. Read below what you need to consider when you decide to open a pet shop business.

Create a business plan

As in any other business, opening a pet shop requires a business plan. You need to do some research on the market and have an eye on your competitors. Acknowledge what is your budget so that you know how to plan your next steps of the process. Define your purpose and goals and design a vision of the future for your business idea.

Marketing is the success key

When you are opening a business, you have to create a marketing strategy in order to gain loyal customers. Use all the offline and online venues to market your shop. Create accounts on social media platforms with the name of your shop and give information about the location, name and contact details of it. Also, you should join some events designed for pet owners and make sure you give them your business card as the ones from Kiasu Print Pte Ltd, to create a network with your future possible clients.

Choose the right location

You are going to have to store a lot of products for pets, so you need a location that is spacious enough and has easy access and exposure for individuals with pets. As well, you need to respect some specific requirements, for the accommodation of the pets, in order to be able to get a license such as cleanness, right temperature, size, and ventilation. You can place your shop in a shopping mall that has many visitors or an area near a dog park.

Documents and laws

Before you open a pet shop, you need to know all the documents that are required and the laws in order to be able to open your business and to avoid paying any penalty. You can talk to a business consultant to guide you through this important step of the process. Obtain all the documents and signatures needed without going beyond the law. Create a company seal Singapore to issue all your documents and certificates under it.

Hire skilled employees

There are many things that you need to consider when you are hiring your employees. First of all, you need to make sure that you find employees that love pets and do not have any fear or allergy to them. Secondly, the best type of employees that you can hire are the ones that are positive, ambitious and creative because you want them to give their best when they are at work and to satisfy your clients.

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