5 ways to get lower education loan interest rates

Posted by anayashroff2 on August 22nd, 2018

Do you want lower education loan interest rates? Well, you definitely aren’t alone! In fact, the pursuit of lower interest even causes many students to settle for poor financial solutions. However, you can enjoy the best of student loans at the lowest possible interest rates by simply using these 5 effective tips!

1. Compare thoroughly.

Ending-up with attractive interest begins with a thorough market analysis. There is a plethora of student loans on offer, each of them with varying interest rates. Therefore it becomes very important that you visit lender websites and make a note of the interest rates and features on offer.

You could also refer to one of the many student loan aggregator sites – they usually have a monthly or quarterly comparison table though which you can easily evaluate the various options.

2. Provide collateral.

Most private non-banking financial companies provide 100% financing without the need of security collateral. However, if you are willing to provide collateral willingly, some lenders will offer you lower education loan interest rates.

3. Pay during the moratorium period.

Not a single EMI has to be paid during the moratorium period. However, your lender will levy simple interest and add the total amount to the outstanding balance of your student loan. This adds to your burden when you do start repaying the loan.

However, if you agree to make interest payments during the moratorium period, some lenders will are willing to slash your applicable rates.

4. Score well in your entrance exams.

If you have to appear for entrance exams for the course you are planning to pursue, try and score as high as possible. This is because some lenders provide score based benefits that include preferential interest rates to student with, for example, a GRE score of 300 or above.

5. Student loan balance transfer.

This is another great way to avail lower education loan interest rates. However this tip can be used only after you’ve taken a loan. All you have to do is look for a lender that’s providing lower rates and transfer your existing balance to that new lender.

You could also approach you current lender with your decision and see if they are willing to match the new lender’s offer. Some lenders will oblige just to hold on to you as a client. Either ways, you should get lower interest rates.

These were 5 way to lower your education loan interest rates. Besides these tips, there are also some ways to reduce the overall interest burden and they are equally effective. For example, making prepayments reduce your principal amount, cuts down on the tenure and al reduces you total interest payable. You could also use the tax benefits against education loan interest to save loads of money.

Hopefully, armed with all this information, you can bring down your interest and enjoy better savings on your student loan. We hope this article has been helpful, good luck and study hard!

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