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Posted by Belly Ballot on August 23rd, 2018

There are many sales training companies throughout the country but only a few top sales training companies in New York. MindStorm has been recognized as one of New York’s top sales training companies, led by CEO George Athan, #1 International Bestselling Author of “Client Machine: The B2B System for Generating Clients”

What makes MindStorm’s sales training different from many others is that our training program has been built around the core fundamentals of hypergrowth companies. See, for salespeople to become effective, it’s not just about more sales knowledge. It’s about each individual salesperson maximizing the revenue they can generate. That’s done by following specific processes that have proven to accelerate revenue the fastest.

Where most sales training programs fail is that they focus on sales techniques, rather than understanding how these tactics fit in the entire strategic puzzle. MindStorm is a hybrid, half business consulting firm, half sales training company. Which means, we specifically train based on a methodology that has been written on the fundamentals of achieving rapid growth.

Your goal isn’t just to create better salespeople, you want to create better salespeople so that they can generate more revenue. And that’s exactly what MindStorm does. MindStorm has spent years studying the highest sales performers in their industry, salespeople in some cases who have outsold the industry average by 50-1. We wanted to understand what separates these top producers from the rest and incorporated these principles into our training program.

We found two major differences between the average salesperson and the top producer. First difference is the fundamental differences in beliefs. Top producers believe they can achieve more, and in turn, do more to achieve their goals. Top producing salespeople are confident in the value they are delivering and believe that the prospect should maximize the value they receive by maximizing the size of the purchase. Therefore, top producers ask for more. And in sales, much as in life, you tend to get what you ask for.

To be a top producer, an inner shift must happen. MindStorm’s Top Producer training program goes through the 21 Core Beliefs these top performers live by and show salespeople exactly how to adopt these new beliefs. What most salespeople don’t realize is that they have these limiting beliefs that are stopping them from achieving greatness. It’s like a low ceiling forcing them to crouch down and live small. Our program shows them how to break through these limiting beliefs, so they can breakthrough their quotas.

The second fundamental difference between top performers and the average is the daily routines. We are a product of our routines and if we want a large shift in the numbers long term, it can be done with a small shift in our daily routines. If you want to increase your production, you must become more productive. How we manage our time, how we prioritize our tasks, and how much energy we put in all determine what we get out. Research shows that we are creatures of habit and we tend to manage each day similarly.

MindStorm has one of the top sales training programs in New York, if not the country. Yes, I’m biased making that statement, but I’ve also participated in, trained on, and experienced many other training programs and I have yet to find another program that takes MindStorm’s approach to sales training.

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