Why Denmark is considered the world's happy country?

Posted by David Harper on August 23rd, 2018

The new World Happiness Report identified that Denmark tops the rank in terms of the happiness quotient. The country is consistently holding the track record of being happy. The survey is conducted under a few indicators. The indicators mainly focus on the data on crime, income, civic engagement and health. There are various reasons behind their consistency of the happiness. The steady government, low level of corruption, high quality of education and improved healthcare are some of the reasons which make the country smiles and make them happy. The article will provide you with valuable information about the reasons behind the happiness of the country.

Reasons behind the happiness

Social security and the low-income inequality: Denmark provides all type of social security for their citizen. The security includes the state-funded education; maternity leave and paternity leave, high infrastructure in the healthcare industry create a positive environment in the country. Other than that, the less amount of corruption, less visibility of the gender disparity brings out the crime free country all over the world. In addition to that, the low taxes are also making the citizen of the country stress-free.

Unity: One of the essential reasons for the happiness of the citizen in Denmark is the stay unite for all circumstances. The natural disaster to financial crises in the country- The citizen fights equally to make the country come out of the emergency period.

Celebrations:The country always celebrates each small thing to bring out the positivity in the country. However, Christmas is the prime event in Denmark to celebrate with lights. As per the survey, the lights can enhance the mood of the people and positively impact on the psychological behaviour of the humans.

Food and Drink: Denmark is famous for its delicious foods and beverages. The cakes of Denmark drools the native people and it creates the happiness. Other than the cake, the hot chocolate coffee, wines and other beverage not only attracted the native people of the country but also invite the foreigners to come to the place.

Weather: The weather brings out thehappiness of the country. The summer welcomes you with the bright sunrays and warmth. Rainy season last concise amount of time and the winter is little severe but overall the place us right and it brings out the positivity and makes the country happy. The news in Danish always provides the appropriate updates of the weather which help the native people smile and happy.

The government of Denmark is also planning to make the happiness consistent for an extended period. Various approaches have been implemented in the country to protect the happiness. Welfare model is one of them. Many people around the world are also planning to get the citizenship of the nation in terms to stay happy forever.

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