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Posted by Linda Hudson on August 24th, 2018

You always wanted to ride up the hill without having to struggle but can’t because you own an ordinary bike. But you don’t have to exhaust yourself anymore, and you will also be able to ride your cycle up the hill easily. Wondering how? Well, all you need is a bicycle electric motor kit. This kit will transform your bike into an e-bike for a fraction of cost. The cycling will be more exciting than ever.

So what is there in this e-bike kit?

It comes with everything that you need to convert a bicycle into an e-bike. But will it fit your bike? Here are some selections that you will have to make:

Wheel Size

Different cycles come in different wheel sizes, and when you are selecting a kit, you will have to make sure that it fits your e-bike. So you may go for a 26-inch kit or 28-inch kit depending on your need.


You can choose to power your e-bike with various kinds of batteries. Some common types of batteries include lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, etc. The capacity of the batteries is measured in Amp Hours (Ah) or Watt-hours (Wh).  Larger the battery means the farther you will be able to ride your bike. The most common type of batteries in use is Li-ion batteries. These last longer than normal and various kinds are available in the market.  The main advantage with these batteries is that they last longer, generate more power compared to their power.

Then there are Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Pol) Electric Bike Batteries which are the latest additions.  They promise to be better than Li-ion battery regarding range, weight, and the price.  As they don’t have any liquid, so they don’t have heavy protective cases that are needed by another kind of batteries.

Pedal Assist and Dashboard

When it comes to dashboards, there are LED, PAS and LED, and LCD variants as well.  With it, you can see the power level and allows you to shift between three power levels: low, medium or high.  This package combines a PAS with advanced LCD handlebar monitor. It gives you five level of power, displays your speed, journey distance, time and average speed, journey distance, etc.

In The End

When you are looking for a bicycle electric motor kit, make sure that you have the right one so that you can safely convert your normal bike into an e-bike one.

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