7 Steps To Enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Posted by Sunjoy Inflatables on August 25th, 2018

The stand up paddle (SUP) boarding has become a fashionable and healthy water sport, attracting more and more people. For beginners, the first time standing on the SUP board is both exciting and scary. But you don't need to worry, everyone has the experience of falling off the board. Follow our 7 simple steps, you can learn how to keep your yourself afloat on your stand up paddle board and enjoy the fun and exhilarating experience.

Step 1: Buy your gear

Of course, the first step to go SUP boarding is to get your own stand up paddle board and other accessories. A profession board will make you feel like a pro, but for beginners, the best SUP is inflatable stand up paddle board. When selecting your first inflatable SUP board, you should go bigger. A longer, wider and thicker inflatable SUP board will give you a greatest stability so there is less chance of you losing your balance when learning how to stand up paddle boarding. In addition to the main board, of course you will also need a paddle. The paddle should be around 20 to 30 centimeters taller than you. A leash to keep your board attached to you is also required. And for the safety, everyone should also wear a personal floating device such as a life jacket. Even if you are good at swimming, it's always best to have one on.

Step 2: Get suitable clothing

Since you are getting out on the water and you probably/surely will get yourself wet, so you should wear a swimsuit. In colder weather, you may want to wear a wetsuit and other protective clothing. According to the sun and temperature, you can use your sunscreen before going out, and bring your sunglasses, long sleeves and a hat.

Step 3: Take your SUP board to the water

If you didn't choose an inflatable SUP board, then this may be a little difficult. The rigid SUP board is not easy to carry because of the enormous size. You can carry it on your head or carry it under your arm using the handle. This will be a little heavy and you need to be careful to keep it balanced on your head. But for inflatable SUP boards, it's much more simple, just roll up and put it in your bag and take it anywhere.

Step 4: Set up your stand up paddle board

Inflate your inflatable SUP board, install the fins on your board. Check your paddle, your life jacket and leash. And think again all the gear you want to bring with you, make sure you don't forget anything.

Step 5: Get your board in the water

For the beginners, you should choose a flat and calm water without obstacles to start your first time paddle boarding. Standing beside your SUP board in shallow water, be careful not to let the fins scrape the bottom. And then place the paddle across the deck of the board, catch the both on both sides and hop on the board into a kneeling position. Once you're on the board, try to get the feel of it. Feel the front and back, and side to side balance of the board. Make sure that the board is as level as possible, with no one part submerged or popping out of the water.

Step 6: Stand up on the board

Once you get the hang of keep balance on the board, you can actually just start paddling in the kneeling position, or you can try to stand up if you feel it's time. Grab your board, place each foot down where your knees are one at a time, keep your feet parallel and your toes facing forward. You feet should be about hip to shoulder width apart. And then slowly let go of the board and try to achieve full standing position. The key is to keep balance during the process, lower your center of gravity. When you stand up, keep your knees slightly belt and your head and shoulder upright. If you fail at the first time, don't give up and try a few more times.

Step 7: Start paddling

The right position to hold the paddle is that hold the shaft with the hand of the side you're paddling, and other hand hold the top of the paddle. Your grip should be shoulder-width apart and keep your arms straight with just a slight bend in the elbow. Use your back muscles to paddle the board, and reverse your hands positions if you switch the sides. Try a few times to find the feeling near the shore, then you can enjoy your day out on the water. As experience increases, I'm sure you will learn more paddle strokes.

Outdoor water paddling is so relaxed in autumn. You maybe can't wait to have a great weekend on the water with your friends. Before you buy your own stand up paddle boards, you can come to sunjoy factory and custom your unique inflatable SUP board. Sunjoy Inflatables also provides a variety of fun water sports, such as lake floating jumping bag, floating slides, inflatable boats, towable tubes, etc.

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