What Is Laboratory Equipment Used For?

Posted by globallabsupply on August 25th, 2018

A laboratory is a magnificent place in which scientific or technical research, medical experiments as well as diversemeasurement might beeffortlessly performed.

Laboratories are utilized for scientific research or medical test activities and various research and development activities.  There are several kinds of laboratory like physics laboratory, medical laboratory, chemistry laboratory and many more.

Laboratory Equipments and Their Usages 

Laboratory equipments are tools as well as equipment utilized by scientists, medical professionals, engineers who work in a laboratory.


A burette is a instrument (such as vertical tube), which is easily utilized to measure and separate known amounts of liquids in laboratories. Burettes are very specificas well asyou can easily measure the volume of a solution with the accuracy(of ±0.05 mL) with them.

Burette laboratory toolis very useful in quantitative chemical analysis to measure the volume of a gas or a liquid. It contains of a marked glass tube with a stopcock (turning plug) at one end.On a liquor burette, at the base side is the stopcock as well as the accurate volume of the fluid distribute might be determined by reading the graduations marked on the glass tube at the liquid level before as well as after dispensing it.

Bunsen Burner

A Bunsen burner is one of the mostly generally used pieces of laboratory equipments. It is a common tool which is used across entirekinds of labs for all types of experiments. A Bunsen is the ultimate tool helpful for heat material for several kinds of experiments. It is a burner which operates by the gas. The flame of a Bunsen burner may be easily adjusted by control the inflow, outflow as well as mixing of gas with air.

While using a Bunsen burner, it is very essential to control the flame as well as to ensure proper safety. Complete care while utilizing flammable lab supplies should be analyzed.


A calorimeter is an amazing toolwhich easily measures quantities of high temperature of chemical or physical changes as well as heat capacity.

There are several kinds of calorimeters, titration calorimeters, isothermal micro calorimeters as well as accelerated rate calorimeters. A simple type of calorimeter just contain of a precise thermometer. It also includewith a wonderful metal container full of water suspended above a combustion chamber. It is one of the wonderful measurement equipments which are utilized for the study of thermodynamics, biochemistry and chemistry.


Spectrophotometers quickly measure light intensity as a purpose of wavelength as well as are usually utilized to measure the concentration of a compound in an aqueous solution.The utilization of spectrophotometers spans several fields including as chemistry, materials science, physics, biochemistry as well as molecular biology. Spectrophotometers are broadly useful in several industries including laser manufacturing , semi conductors manufacturing  as well as optical manufacturing, forensic examination as well as printing, as well in laboratories for the learn of chemical substances.There are two types of spectrophotometers like single beam as well as double beam.

What is laboratory equipment used for? Laboratory equipments and their usagesLaboratory equipment utilized by scientists, medical professionals, engineers

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