Concussion Helmets Market Set to Surge Significantly by 2028

Posted by vakhas on August 27th, 2018

The alarming rise in the number of severe concussion injuries caused due to violent shaking of the head is mainly triggering the growth of the concussion helmets market. Manufacturers are aware of the emerging opportunities in this market, and are focusing on leveraging the opportunities by launching a range of affordable products in the market. Favorable government policies, combined with increasing awareness among users is likely to provide an impetus to the growth of concussion helmets market during the assessment period.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Brain Trauma Research Center recently conducted a research, which shows that over 300,000 sports-related concussion injuries are observed each year in the U.S. The report also estimates that over 62,000 concussion injuries are sustained in contact sports every year. Also, among young-adult football players in the U.S., 34% of players have experienced a concussion and more than 20% have more than one concussion injuries each year. The concussion helmets market may gain traction with the increasing number and severity of concussion injuries among football players. Also, the fact that the probability of concussion injuries taking place is 3-6 times higher among football players that have had such injuries before, signifies the burgeoning growth of the concussion helmets market.

Another study published by the McGill University in Montreal revealed that during a season, around 60% of adolescent soccer players admit having symptoms of concussions at least once. Also, it found that the rates of concussion injuries among soccer players and football players are comparable, which defines the growth prospects of the concussion helmets market. With the rising amount of research being conducted on adolescent concussions, demand for concussion helmets is expected to surge among young-adult football players in the upcoming years. Growing awareness among adolescent football players as well as their parents about the impact of concussions on the brain health is likely to boost demand for concussion helmets, and ultimately drive the growth of the concussion helmets market.

As the severity of concussion injuries remain a primary concern for football and soccer players across the world, manufacturers in the concussion helmets market are making concussion helmets with more safety features. Comfort remains the most important factor that influences the purchasing decisions of customers. In order to address the requirements for concussion helmets that offer finer fitting and more comfort, manufacturers are employing innovative manufacturing techniques. Manufacturers are teaming up with engineers, scientists, as well as neurosurgeons to design concussion helmets with layers of protection, which can prevent concussion injuries to a greater extent.

Most manufacturers in the concussion helmets market are making use of crash-test dummies, which are used in automotive testing, to understand how concussion injuries take place on the playfield. It is helping them to advance the design and innovation in manufacturing concussion helmets. By testing the safety features of concussion helmets with the help of crash-test dummies, manufacturers in the concussion helmets market are developing develop new and improved helmets. Also, using leaf-spring technology remains a popular trend among leading players in the concussion helmets market, as it helps manufacturers to create more distance over which the impact of concussion can dissipate.

The U.S. National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) its testing certification standards for concussion helmets for football players. Manufacturers in the concussion helmets market are required to comply with the new certification standards and a pass-fail test designed by the NOCSAE. These rules are imposed to determine the injury threshold and to test the level of protection concussion helmets in the market are offering. Manufacturers in the concussion helmets market are adopting innovative manufacturing strategies according to the testing protocol developed by the NOCSAE. However, due to the constant modifications and revisions in such standards, manufacturers may have to modify their manufacturing processes as well, which may have a negative impact on the development of the concussion helmets market.

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Nevertheless, the concussion helmets market is still expected to witness impressive growth during the forecast period, with the increasing safety concerns among young-adult football players. Meanwhile, manufacturing concussion helmets for soldiers and marines is emerging as one of the most popular trends in the concussion helmets market. VICIS, Inc. – a Seattle-based concussion helmets startup – recently partnered with the U.S. Army to design concussion helmets that can reduce head injuries in military applications. Ultimately, the widening range of concussion helmets is likely to further improve growth prospects of the concussion helmets market in the upcoming years.

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