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Posted by HW Infotech on August 27th, 2018

I am business analysis in information technology since 8 years. I talked thousand of people during my journey. I experienced one thing entire my whole journey.

Every people they want to do own business. But they do not understand how to be start the project. What would be initial process to start the project? Lots of people they share this experience with me. I have started to find a solution to this problem if any person they have concept or idea how they can start the project without hassle free. One day I was discussing this thing with my team then I got a solution of PHP Script.  I have started work on clone job, I have made a list of possible project and they are very popular business in the word.

Then I contact to all person they are facing a problem to start the business and give solution to start the project with clone job. Once they heard first time they fear about clone job. Then I explain benefits

Benefits of clone Job –

1)     Hassle free to start the project

2)     Cost reduce

3)     Less effort

4)     User can change according to requirement

5)     No need for doing hard work for making a flow

In this era of technology everyone want to do work in second. In ancient time for sending a marriage invitation people goes personally to give card. Now days people using WhatsApp or Facebook to send aninvitation. Same thing people want to implement in project.  Before 2005 in any one want to make any software or ERP they invest a time 5-6 months to do research regarding the project. Then after that they start the design phase of the project. That was very time taken process. Nowadays with a help of clone job they can start the project in one working day.

I have one of company client they want to make online exam portal like They was very tension how I will be make a flow of the project. They know what they need in project but they were unable to explain in word. We have clone of I saw a clone of When they saw they was very happy to see I need this thing. They told me they were doing hard work on last 2 month. I give the clone of script with some more modification 2-3 days. I saved 6 months for develop the project.

I am trying to explain readymade thing is very helpful to complete the project. 2017 year it is a technology era. I would be suggesting going best company for clone job. Who can help in your business in future? Lets explain you take clone script from any company once your business grows up and you need help in customization in project. So it is very important to select a good company who can support in future in your business. Clone script is the best thing to start your business.

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