Teaching Basic Commands ? The Beginning of a Dog Training

Posted by Happy Tails of South Jersey on August 27th, 2018

Training a dog is not at all an easy task and if you want your dog to learn the basic obedience properly then you need to get help of a professional and certified dog trainer like Carlos at Happy Tails of South Jersey as an expert trainer have all the qualities like patience, consistency, and friendliness that makes your dog get comfortable and learn in much a better way.

Few basic commands that a dog needs to learn!

 “Sit” – To make a dog sit at your command you need to put the dog a treat close to his nose, once he smells it up nicely move the treat up so that he follows the treat. Doing this, the dog sits with his heads up after the treat and at this moment you need to give the command “Sit” accompanied by the treating affectionately. This command is extremely important as it prevents the dog from showing bothersome behaviors like troubling other dogs or jumping on other people during walks and so on. With, a Sit command the dog sits down and doesn’t move until you give a Brake or Okay command!

“Stand” – To teach this command first thing to do is making the dog sit with the “Sit” command. Then get a luring treat in the hand and put that hand close to the dog’s nose forward and down. Once the dog follows the treat down you must move your hand forward with a treat on it to put the dog in standing position. At, this moment give the command “Stand” and offer him the treat.

“Down” – One of the most challenging commands as it puts the dog in a passive position. This command can be taught by using a treat with nice smell in the closed hand, then moving that hand close towards the dog’s nose and the moment the dog smells it, move your hand towards the floor and hence the dog will follow. Next, you need to provoke the dog to follow the food in a lying position. Once the dog is laid on give the command “Down” and then offer him the treat. In case if the dog tries to grab the treat from hands forcefully say “No”.

“Come” – To teach this command a collar and a leash needs to be put on the dog in a specific distance to the dog and asking him to come towards you by slightly pulling the leash. Once the dog reaches you give him the treat as the dog associates with it rightly. This is an extremely helpful command as it helps to protect your dog at certain times like when he chases something or someone, or is in trouble with other dogs!

“Leave it” – Teaching this command can be done by keeping a treat in both your hands and putting one hand close to the dog’s nose so that he can smell it and lick it. Once he does so give the “Leave it” command. At the beginning the dog will smell the treat and lick it and even bark to get the treat, but eventually he will lose interest and that is the time when you need to offer the treat closed in the other hand. When he comes for the second treat show him some affection and give him the treat.

“Watch Me” – To teach watch me command the best way is to look into the eyes of the dog making an eye contact, while offering a great treat holding in your hand and moving it upwards from the dog’s nose towards your face. This makes easier for the dog to watch into your eyes! Once the dog watches you give the command “Watch Me”.  Repeating this exercise on a regular basis at several times a day makes the dog properly trained at this.

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