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Posted by Krunal Vyas on August 28th, 2018

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Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI has recently created its huge buzz in different areas of science, especially in physics to resolve many big problems, which were earlier difficult, require relatively more amount of time or almost impossible via manual efforts.

In this blog post, technological analysts and other professionals of Mobile App Development Company Toronto have listed a few major applications in the science sector, where scientists and engineers have explored the concept and technique of Artificial Intelligence based on latest news on AI.

AI News Related to Space Research Center-NASA and Intel will Launch New AI Program to Help Navigation in Outer Space

We all know the role of GPS to guide humans to reach to their respective destinations. However, the mentioned navigation facility has remained confined to only destinations, which are on the Earth. Hence, NASA, the leading Space Research Center of the United States and Intel Core Processor Group have teamed up to introduce an innovative technological solution i.e. Artificial Intelligence to provide navigation facility also throughout the outer space.

According to the latest demonstration, Intel Group will host an event for 8-week or a summer program with Frontier Development Lab of NASA Group. These teams will work hard to overcome limitations often faced while traveling in space and to hinder the extraterrestrial colonization.

The combined event is focusing to search for solar probes, exo-planets and various other similar types of space exploration topics. Particularly, the team will focus on various navigation related struggles often dealt by robots and humans while traveling in space and conclude deep learning to resolve such problems.

Research panel consisting of Benjamin Wu, Ross Potter, Philippe Ludvig and Andrew Chung has come up with a suitable system to replicate the surface of the Moon in its simulation by simply feeding millions of images of Moon to an Artificial Intelligence system.

The main objective behind AI system design in this case is to launch a virtual Moon by using the captured images and thereby, helping navigators to do the job of real-time exploration of the satellite of the Earth.

Mobile App Development Company Toronto experts have further said that the neural network of AI considers it in the same way, as any other environment present on the Earth. According to the theory, people staying on the Moon are able to click images of the nearby areas at almost every point and use them to identify any specific location in accordance with the virtual replica/captured image of the Moon.

Further updates on AI have highlighted that scientists of NASA and Intel Company experts have plans to launch the same program to apply for other planets and heavenly bodies revolving at the outer space, including the Earth’s neighbor Mars, as it is consistently becoming the next target related to human colonization.

AI News Related to Medical/Healthcare Sector-Engineers at Computer Vision Research Center Launched an AI System to Detect Cancerous Tumors

Engineers at Computer Vision Research Center at the University of Central Florida have recently launched an Artificial Intelligence system to detect a large number of minute and often-skipped cancerous tumors in humans. According to the report generated by experts of Mobile App Development Company Toronto, the Floridian engineers have taught a computer system to detect various tiny specks related to lungs cancer in MRI and CT scans, which radiologists often find difficult to identify. The best part of innovative AI system is that it delivers result with 95% accuracy unlike 65% accuracy done via manual efforts only.

Rodney LaLonde, one of the doctoral candidates at University of Central Florida, “We have used the human brain as a model for designing our system. We know that connections among neurons present in the human become strong consistently during the both learning and development phase. Considering this fact, we have used blueprints to help the system understand well about various ways to look for different patterns present in CT scans and guide the ways to find tiny cancerous tumors.”

AI developers and other experts of Mobile App Development Company Toronto have observed that the approach in this case is almost similar to algorithms used by facial recognition software. Accordingly, the software is able to scan thousands of human faces searching for a specific pattern to get the perfect match. Other than this, Ulas Bagci, an engineering assistant professor is the leader of entire research analysts’ group at the Computer Vision Research Center focusing on AI to equip it with each of the potential medical/healthcare applications.

The entire group working to develop an Artificial Intelligence system to detect cancerous tumors has fed about 1,000 different CT scans conducted as a collaboration of National Health Institutes and Mayo Clinic in specific software developed primarily to develop computer systems learning to look/detect tumor cells.

AI News in the Business and Sales Sector-Artificial Intelligence is Helpful for Businesses to Increase Sales

Today, a few companies and individual online business organizations have started adopting an innovative approach i.e. Artificial Intelligence to fulfill their objectives to achieve the highest number of leads and crack business deals.

A majority of companies in fact are using innovative software solutions to schedule their business meetings, sending and drafting emails, organizing contacts, reminding about outreach to their sales team members and many more. Furthermore, AI in some cases may move beyond the mentioned efforts to assist the sales team to be highly effective.

Identification of Closed Deals

Specific type of behavior results in close deals and AI system is able to identify them easily. Traditional software systems tell about team members, who are able to know about closing of most of the deals. In this way, you study exactly what a particular individual is doing, so that other members in your team are able to follow the same suite.

However, Artificial Intelligence is able to perform this activity to an advanced level, as it records calls and collects emails for identifying the exact action or language responsible to close deal. Moreover, AI system does not perform the mentioned function for a single customer, but also for a large number of customers and that too in specific way as possible.

Identifies Weaknesses in Performance/Approach

Another prime role of Artificial Intelligence is that it is able to identify weaknesses in the approach followed by sales team members. In this way, AI not only helps in closing deals, but also identifies specific challenges faced by any particular individual.

To Impart Training to Sales Team Members

Artificial Intelligence based sales and marketing programs may help sales executives to gain knowledge and develop expertise based on training at different stages. In this way, with reinforced training with time, companies will get active and high-performing employees.

Helpful in the Evaluation of Potential Customers/Prospects

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be useful in identifying behaviors indicating the generation of leads or evaluation of potential customers. This is because; AI is able to report whether or not a person searches activity for your offered tool or any other solution. According to specific buying signals, sales reps are able to prioritize their leads and thereby, focus or put their efforts more likely than before.

Capable to Provide Detailed Customer Insights

Customer insights often go deep than only sales. Artificial Intelligence programs are able to tell any sales executive why any customer can give an efficient sale lead. In addition, Artificial Intelligence justifies why any specific individual fits perfectly in a particular category and thereby, gives your team members a good insight about him leading to strong connection and improved customer service.

Helpful in Finding Lucrative Sales Leads

Scraping of data and later on, crunching it is helpful for your team to find as well as to serve sales leads. About 40% of salespersons say that prospecting is a daunting task associated with their jobs. Buying list does not give any good return on made investment. Even if you have about 50% of the total contact details on your valid lists, approximately half of them do not show interest to hear anything about your product offerings in anyway. Here comes the role of AI, as it learns specific customers’ behaviors and identifies people willing to avail or buy your products/services and search them on behalf of you.

Helps to Understand Failure of any Deal

Whenever any deal fails to work, it is critical for sales team to understand and identify its reason. You may use CRM to identify any failed sales deal. However, to understand the reason, for which your prospect goes away, you have to install AI system, as it answers to assist your team and avoids any cool-down or slowdown in your sales.

Management of Conversations

Artificial Intelligence concept has lead to the launch of Chatbots, which are able to do the communication job on behalf of sales team members and support staffs. Chatbots are able to deal with initial calls, answers, outreach and many more on behalf of sales team members.

Performs Future Predictions in a Well Manner

Last, but not the least, Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI has created a huge buzz in the technological and business market because of its ability of analyzing mounds of valuable pieces of information or accumulated data. AI programs help managers to make future predictions and thereby, get enough power to fulfill targets and allocation of budgets.


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