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Selenium is a staggeringly valuable arrangement of instruments used to mechanize internet browsers, and WebDriver is a propelled apparatus that gives you a chance to test your contents against numerous distinctive programs. Each web engineer has to know how to utilize Selenium WebDriver.

On the off chance that you don't have sufficient energy to experience a class, or on the off chance that you know a smidgen however need to end up a specialist, an incredible method to take in more is by perusing important websites.

Be that as it may, there's an issue: It's REALLY elusive great online journals to show you Selenium WebDriver.

It isn't so much that they are not out there. They are. Nonetheless, there are such huge numbers of these web journals that it is difficult to sift through the awful from the great.

Here the best online journals to help enhance your test mechanization aptitudes. #automation #testing #qa

1) Selenium HQ Wiki

Creator: Simon Stewart

Themes Learned: Selenium Webdriver

You can't have an asset manual for test mechanization without including the base camp of learning for Selenium WebDriver. This fabulous wiki covers everything identified with Selenium. A portion of the subjects you can read about from the patrons include:

– Advanced User Interactions

– Building WebDriver

– Developer Tips

– PageFactory

2) UltimateQA

Creator: Nikolay Advolodkin

Points Learned: Selenium Webdriver, Automation Testing, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

This site covers everything identified with QA, with a specific spotlight on robotized programming testing utilizing Selenium WebDriver. There are posts and video instructional exercises that show you well ordered how to function with Selenium WebDriver. Here are a few posts that you should read through:

– Common Selenium WebDriver Errors and How to Fix Them

– Complete Selenium WebDriver with C# Course

– How to work with iFrames utilizing Selenium WebDriver

– Proper discovery testing plan

– ChromeDriver and Chrome program designs

3) Simply The Test

Creator: Josh Grant

Points Learned: Test Automation, Selenium WebDriver with Python

Josh is a partner of mine from Sauce Labs and is a to a great degree savvy individual with a sharp eye for good test mechanization. He is to a great degree proficient in everything identified with test mechanization. He comprehends the fundamental ideas of test computerization, he comprehends the historical backdrop of instruments, for example, Selenium and can do some entirely propelled testing.

His blog has many intriguing points, for example,

  • Putting Down the Coffee: Using Selenium Without Java
  • Sometimes UI Automation Is Perfectly OK
  • Giving Up Some Things

4) Elemental Selenium

Creator: Dave Haeffner

Subjects Learned: Selenium Webdriver, Ruby

Dave Haeffner is an incredible asset with regards to test computerization. He has been around for a considerable length of time sharing WebDriver learning and his site is a genuine gold mine of data. In the event that selenium training in Marathahalli  you need to figure out how to determine standard issues with Selenium WebDriver, experience the documents and work through the code tests. Here are a couple of cases of what you can figure out how to do utilizing Selenium:

– How to work with Selenium Grid

– How to utilize Safari

– How to do stack testing with JMeter and Selenium

– How to test for broken pictures


Creator: Joe Colantonio

Subjects Learned: Automation Testing, Quality Assurance, Development

In actuality, Joe Colantonio is one of my most loved idea pioneers in test robotization. Colantonio continually gives quality substance on a wide range of various subjects. His web recording, TestTalks, has numerous superb meetings and he distributes the transcript of the meetings on his blog also. By perusing these meetings, you have the chance to gain from an assortment of specialists with heaps of experience, across the board put. The subjects include:

– Test mechanization

– Pair testing

– Security testing

– Quick Test Professional/Unified Functional Testing

– Mobile test mechanization

6) W3C Schools

Creator: Refsnes Data

Subjects Learned: HTML, XPath, CSS Web

Having a solid coding establishment is similarly as critical as knowing particular apparatuses like Selenium Webdriver. W3C Schools isn't straightforwardly identified with Selenium WebDriver, however it is an extraordinary asset to learn or review the nuts and bolts of the aptitudes you require before you prepare to perform test computerization with Selenium. On the off chance that you don't have these essential aptitudes, you won't have the capacity to work with Selenium WebDriver.

I allude back to this blog as required, particularly for these two regions:


– XPath

7) Automate The Planet

Creator: Anton Angelov

Points Learned: Test Automation, C#, Jenkins, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Telerik Studio

I have taken after Anton Angelov for various years since he knows computerization. Angelov frequently demonstrates diverse code answers for a similar issue. For instance, coding a page question with an information outline without an information delineate. He reliably conveys fantastic substance which I have used to enhance my aptitudes as a Test Automation Specialist. He composes blog entries that cover a pack of helpful points identified with Selenium WebDriver. For instance:

– Most Exhaustive WebDriver Locators Cheat Sheet

– A blog arrangement on improvement configuration designs

– Fluent API in Selenium tests

– Deep scope of an assortment of themes identified with Selenium WebDriver

– Compelling Sundays is an accumulation of his most loved posts

8) Beaufort Fairmont

Creator: Beaufort Fairmont

Themes Learned: Test Automation

I first observed Paul Merrill through an introduction at Automation Guild 2017. The data that he displayed was applicable and astute. From that point forward, I have been perusing his blog.

His work has a profound spotlight on the best way to do test mechanization well. Merrill gives amazing systems to accelerate test computerization and convey higher quality outcomes, which is something we as a whole need when utilizing Selenium. He additionally consistently gives astounding online courses that are loaded with incredible data. A portion of my most loved posts include:

– 5 Ways to Simplify Your Automated Test Cases

– Test Automation ROI: 5 Ways to Show the Business Benefits

– What's an API and How Do I Test It?


Creator: Alan Richardson

Themes Learned: Testing, robotization, Java

I've thought about Alan Richardson for no less than five years now. He is an extraordinary asset with regards to test computerization. For instance, he composed the book Java For Testers: Learn the Fundamentals Fast and the book Selenium Simplified.

Similarly as with most magnificent assets, this blog doesn't just spotlight on a solitary instrument. He covers an expansive scope of points identified with test robotization. Be that as it may, there is almost certainly that his assets will push you to definitely enhance your WebDriver aptitudes. Here are a few my most loved assets:

– An outline that causes you to see how to extract out your test mechanization classes to make them simpler to utilize and explore.

– A post about Javascript and where to learn it for test mechanization.

– Where to take in Selenium from Alan's perspective.

10) Google Testing Blog

Creator: Google

Themes Learned: Test Automation, Flaky tests

Google is a trailblazer and the thoughts and examples that they take after ought to be imitated by whatever remains of the IT business. I jump at the chance to gain from the best.

This isn't precisely a Selenium WebDriver blog, I know. Be that as it may, this blog offers brilliant data as a rule and it covers subjects identified with test robotization methods. It likewise incorporates data on the most proficient method to compose extraordinary code. Here are a portion of my most loved articles:

– Where do our flaky tests originate from?

– Too Many Comments on Your Code Review?

– Reduce Nesting, Reduce Complexity

– Providing Context With Commit Messages


Online journals can be a profitable apparatus when you're hoping to take in more about a subject. On account of Selenium WebDriver, there are such huge numbers of websites that it's difficult to know which ones are justified regardless of the time and push to peruse.

The web journals on this rundown positively enhanced my Selenium aptitudes and I trust you'll see them a valuable asset also.


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