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Posted by Centerpeace Foundation on August 28th, 2018

There occur incidents your life that leaves a mark forever. Domestic violence seen in your childhood days might remain as a suppressed memory in your subconscious mind. Years later, when you start family life, you start feeling weird fears that originates from the long forgotten violent past. You might be involved in a horrific accident that has caused grave injury. It will become challenging for you to drive after such an accident as every time the car moves, you shudder at the thought of the mishap.


Breathing control

The car accident was the worst possible experience of your life. Endless days in the hospital, excruciating pain, dreams of the accident- all these become part and parcel of your life. The very thought of traveling by car paralyzes your body with fear. You must join trauma healing programs in Los Angeles to get rid of such unnecessary worries. Whenever you feel frightened, inhale softly and exhale through your mouth taking more time. Such deep breathing allows the exchange of more oxygen to improve blood circulation and control the panic-stricken nerves.

Creating images

At a very early age, you might have an encounter with a group of anti-socials who tried to harm you physically. After months of the incident, you will find yourself suddenly waking up at midnight from a bad dream about the terrible incident. A professional spiritual practitioner can guide you to create visual images of the episode. The person will ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourself once again in that situation. Every time, you will have different imaginations. Sometimes you will run faster, or call for help. But one day, you will turn back to face them and beat them with all might. That is the way of creating Youth empowerment in Los Angeles through imagery.

Draw your emotions

Whenever you visualize the scene of a ghastly accident with blood- smeared bodies all around you, your body and mind stop functioning. The specialists of trauma healing programs Los Angeles will ask you to draw on paper whatever you see. Draw yourself, and sketch the greatest problem in your life along with your picture too. Also, sketch your strength. In this way, you can get over the repetition of the same film in your brain.

Work out

There is no better exercise than working out. Put on some music and shake your legs whenever you feel that the memories are slowly grasping you. The post-accident trauma is a deep scar in your mind. The more you will be active, the lesser will be the chance of such flashbacks. Moreover, activities release hormones that are capable of minimizing such stimulations in the brain. Slowly, you will forget the disaster for once and for all.

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